Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I saw an envelope on the floor.

My heart skipped a beat. Part excitement and part fear. I turned it over and peeped at the front of the envelope knowing that it was probably going to be containing my first assignment. Marked and sent back. Now I know any criticism would be constructive and there to help me and not to be mean and that I am not meant to be perfect hence why I am doing the course - or rather - hello, I am human.

I fought the urge to tear open the envelope there and then and climbed the stairs to the flat and once inside I ravaged the envelope and did a quick scan of the contents.

100% and some great praise. I was speechless for a few seconds (which friends tell me is quite something) and then I called Darren to tease him into thinking I had done terribly - then he heard the beer glasses clinking! I am made up - I don't know how the rest of the course is going to go but what a mighty fine start!

Thanking you for allowing my ego to take over for a moment.

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