Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I put on my best Sunday Dress, and walked straight into this mess of mine.

I don't know if that is a Courtney Love lyric or a Kat Bjelland lyric, I don't care - I love that song. Not the new one that appeared on Celebrity skin but the old version.

I write this because soon Courtney Love or Hole (but not really) will be touring again. I always thought I would be so excited when I finally got to hear that Courtney was back on the road but I actually think I am going to stay away.

I saw Hole many years ago, it was almost one year since Kurt had killed himself (yes conspiracy theorists, it might not have been suicide but the boy sure is dead). Anyhow, the gig was sucky and amazing. At that point whether you loved or hated her she had something....it wasn't charm but it was some form of fascination. She was late on stage and she was quite frankly a mess but she did a set that was pretty mind blowing. She sang to the heavens a little too much that it started to feel like acting but whatever I'll forgive her that. A girl in the crowd started to get pretty much molested by some pig ignorant asshole men in the crowd. Courtney spotted this, got security and waded over on the shoulder of a giant and pulled the girl out of the crowd. She sat her on stage, loaded her with drink and put her tiara onto the girls head (ok she took this back at the end of the show but how made up do you think that girl was!).

The next day in the reviews across the media world it was all focused on her being late on stage and being a mess, not one word was said about helping this girl. And sometimes I think that the representation of Courtney is exaggerated and no one is more to blame for this than herself. She implied she was so in love with Kurt but it's pretty much fact they were getting divorced and she'd been fooling around with Billy Pumpkin again. In fact, it would appear that Kurt and Courtney didn't spend a whole lot of time together in the few years that they were a couple. To be frank - why should we even care because if you take it at face value here was a man that was a junkie and here was a woman that had some issues with setting fire to things, there is even an incident where she stabbed a girl as a child.......but she was also a junkie. Why do we make such people idols? I don't know but it's happened all over again with Amy Winehouse, but I really don't want to give that lady too much type space....so.....Kurt and Courtney - why did they both make it so big? Would they be such big stars today if Kurt hadn't killed himself? I kindof think maybe not. I think Kurt would've gone on to make the best music of his career - and that's why I am kindof pissed that he's no longer around - the music direction he was going in was sounding great. Courtney on the other hand had two great albums and then petered off hugely - Celebrity Skin was not all that - My body the hand grenade was a mix of older songs so I won't count that and her solo album - honestly it's not even worth mentioning.

Musically I think it's great that it encouraged the girls to BE the rock star rather than DO the rock star but I think the real talent of this female movement if you will were Bikini Kill - namely Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail and Babes in Toyland. Lori from Babes would frequently put new bands up in her house to help them tour and to me that is what a real music fan does. Kat was prepared to start back at the starting blocks with her band Katastrophy wife. Both of these bands have just carried on making music and not got lost in the world of celebrity. Take Bikini Kill - Tobi now works for K records.
Kathleen and her pretty much started the fanzine world and that was HUGE....before the internet took off of course. Kathleen spray painted Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit across Kurt's wall - and we all know where that led. So how did Courtney get to be the icon. I think you either love her or hate it - it's not many people that don't really have an opinion and I think that's quite good. Better to provoke a reaction even a bad one than no reaction at all, right?

To a degree. Not so sure that it's ok once children are involved but that becomes a whole new issue with the whole Kurt and Courtney thing and celebrities as parents - another time maybe? Courtney is about to release a new album - one that she threatened on the world way over a year ago and we are still waiting. Now this album has to be HUGE to live up to even half of the hype from just her, let alone the rest of the world - can any album live up to that? Well, no! Once upon a time Courtney was looking like the best version of herself - she was putting her toe into acting - there were many pictures of her and Frances out and about looking cute but then oh dear - the abyss opened up and she dived in - I sadly don't think she has ever recovered - the eccentricities seem to be more that of a slightly unhinged deluded lady that the press sees as fair game but which I see as quite sad.

I don't know what the future holds but I have a feeling I am not going to regret not getting tickets for this latest tour. I was a huge Riot Grrrl fan - red lipstick - nightdresses the works but even I can kindof sense when it's time to maybe move on! Courtney will never be boring but her antics of being weird and then blaming her parents (in her 40's come on have you heard about ownership) can get boring. I was totally obsessed with the whole Kurt/Courtney/Girl band thing when I was an angsty teen but something in me finds it all a bit sad now. Somewhere out there is a little girl that lost her dad and is watching her mom slip into some giant hole and that is pretty tragic no matter what you think of the music or the personalities.

(kathleen hanna)

(early Courtney)

(I don't know what to say - sometimes a surgeon or a best friend should just say no!)

(me crazy? nah...right!)

but look - here I think she looks pretty damn stunning - but somewhere after this I think it all went a little bit wrong......Courtney comes up with the lyrics but not necessarily the tunes, her antics appear to be that of a slightly unhinged person rather than an eccentric....but I pray for happy endings.

"Is she pretty on the inside
Baby pretty from the back"

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