Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy Days

As in Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.....I am hoping me and 2010 are going to be good friends. I spent New Year at home with D, a bottle of bubbly and some well wishes to see the end of 2009 (it has been quite a tough one) and to welcome in 2010. I chose not to go out - to be a part of that over priced evening where you inevitably get drinks spilt on you at the very least if you are lucky! Sure enough surely after all the fireworks went off and everyone's phone networks went down you could hear arguments in the streets - oh happy days.

2010 is going to be my year - as this year I am determined to get my health in check and to explore the new hopefully improved me! I don't make New Years relsolutions, as like any rule, they get made to be broken, but weather permitting (ie if I can find the time, energy and money) I hope to do a lot more photography, learn to play the piano (I seem to be struggling with that whole two hand thing, even though I thought I had perfected that many years ago) I want to do some volunteer work and write even more. I got another letter printed in a magazine and this time got mail of the month and won a £250 handbag - not bad!

I hope 2010 will be kind to us all.

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