Saturday, 23 January 2010

A handful of shameful double standards

So, David Beckham was out the other day and some random lady - being dubbed the female Dennis Pennis, rushed up to him and tried to grab his crotch - some say she got a handful - some say she didn't - either way the story is that it was all just a joke and done in good faith. Hmmmm, would it still be considered that if I did that to some random Jo walking down the street or if some random Jo did that to me walking down the street. Can I hear a great big fat NO hear please....seriously - maybe I am being too moralistic here but in the 'real' world this would be considered Sexual Assault. Which technically means it is illegal. So, why is it ok to Sexually Assault some because they are famous and/or male. This man also spends a lot of money on security for himself and his family - I bet those guys aren't too popular now but on a serious note - surely it's not just me that thinks this isn't right?

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