Wednesday, 27 January 2010

District 9

On a happier note I saw District 9 and thought it was amazing. It started off in a way I hadn’t expected – it didn’t look as Hollywood polished as I thought it would be – and the first sightings of the aliens had me laughing – the looked so stupid, but by the end of the movie I had such affection for them.

District 9 is about when some aliens come to earth and their ship gets stranded above Johannesburg for years! The aliens are taken in on earth and put into contained areas – these areas soon become like slums. The movie talks about what happens with the care that is given to these aliens and the interactions they have with the humans. It’s a mighty fine movie and one of the best I have seen this year.

I love the idea of aliens and when you look at some of the creatures in the sea it’s easy to think that they are already here, but even if you aren’t into the whole ufo/alien thing – I think you’ll like it… it even!

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