Monday, 21 December 2009

Stocking fillers....and no I don't mean my legs

One last review of the magazines before Christmas. I haven't been too impressed the last few weeks, there seems to have been a bit of a lack of great party dresses in the weeklies and too much about soap opera 'stars'.......boring! But this advert caught my eye and really made me think. It is so true and such a sad state of affairs that we don't all have the option to health care. In the UK we get 'free' healthcare, in reality we do pay towards it in our taxes and prescriptions so it's not totally free but is subsidised. Although the level of that care is getting to be more and more negotiable as cuts are made all over the place. Saying that, I just had my third operation in two years and have paid nothing extra towards that - so I don't really moan too loudly about the healthcare system. But surely everyone has a right to healthcare?

Courtney Love graced the front cover of Dazed and Confused. It's kindof nice to see her back and one would hope on her feet again but she looks wasted in half the pictures you see of her, it's really boring seeing her get her boobs out every shot again and then the whole come back is clouded with the issues swirling around why Frances Bean finally had enough of her mom and jumped ship to Kurts mother. Time will tell.

This slogan hit home too - 'Imagine waking up tomorrow and all music has disappeared', as much as I might joke that it would be great for some songs to disappear, wouldn't it be just unbearable if there was no more music!?!?! In fact, it doesn't bare thinking about.

So Kate Moss sums things up in this statement, kindof a lot of the important things in life with a nice cliche thrown in...rock n roll Kate, rock n roll your eyes.

Her ex put it even more nicely - and I think if anyone is going to make a new years resolution - no scratch that as hardly anyone sticks to those - maybe if you do one thing in 2010 do this:

This picture really made me laugh as I am sure a lot of stick thin girls either do this or would love to. And oh the irony that this is in a fashion magazine!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND........TIM BURTON.......need I say more. Surely the must see of the year already?!

And The Red Shoes is back, redone and on the big screen. It's times like these that I wish the UK weather was warmer and I could go to a big park and watch it with a picnic out in the open!

Claire's Accessories does something note worthy, although once I saw old Katie Price in a little mini top hat it kindof put me off but they are still cute.

And the bow possibly even cuter!

Now if I were to be indulgent and ask for a totally useless present for Christmas it would have to be this:

Followed by this dress - totally ridiculous but I just want to try to get on the crowded Christmas time tubes in this and see how many people I can annoy ☺

This is an advertising campaign for the store Selfridges and I have to say I think next year this is how I am going to decorate my Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas to you all!

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