Friday, 4 December 2009

She sits, quietly singing to herself......

So, it's been a while........I have so much to say and so many pictures to post but alas I don't have the energy to do all that I need so I will have a quick round up of the whole hospital thing. The day before the op' my friend Sophie P called to say she had hidden a present for me on my porch, she had made me a cake - and what a cake - thank you!

So the next day I had to get up bright an early, I was on a bus heading to hospital before 6am (I still shiver at the thought), I had no food and no morning coffee inside me. My big fear had been that I would get to the hospital and be told that I wasn't on the list for an operation. Now I think this was down to just needing this operation so badly and everyone else was pretty much agreeing. I got to the hospital and went to the ward as instructed by the letter I had received weeks before. They asked D to sit outside until we could all go through to the ward. I was takento a big cold room and then I was informed they didn't have my name on the list. Head spinning moment! After a few phone calls from them and a mild panic from me I was informed that I had been told to go to the wrong ward. So it ended up that I was on Ward 13 on Friday 13th and I got called for my operation at 1300 hours! I had to walk down the corridors with my pillow for some reason - I kept having flash backs to scenes from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Good job I am not that superstitious. It wasn't all plain sailing from there. I got put in a room and asked to wait. I had on my little anti clotting stockings (sexy knee high in green!) and my doctors robe with horrible polystyrene green almost web like disposable slippers. Not only did I look great but I was bloody freezing. I got told to be patient (yeah haha good joke) and that the operation before mine hadn't turned out to be quite as straightforward as they had hoped....oh yes just what you want to hear.
The view in the hospital was pretty though.

After TWO hours I was called through! They had trouble finding my veins so I had that horrid drip needle stabbed in me twice and then off I went to la la land with my last words being 'I'm not sure but it feels like I've had way too many beers'.
I woke up and had a few nurses round me. I was in pain so was given more morphine. I felt nothing from it I was still in pain then I looked at my hands and was like ay? I had drips and holes all over the place - I asked what one of them was for and was told that it was for when they needed to administer something in an emergency - it was said so calmly I didn't react.
I was wheeled back to the ward where D was kindly waiting for me with a lovely bag of goodies.
Did I ever say how much I love that boy ♥♥
I had apparently lost quite a bit of blood during the operation and the fibroid tumor they removed was way bigger than they had thought and that the pain I had been in before must've been similar to contractions in pregnancy - wow - I'm tough haha. I opted to go home that night if I could and as soon as I got up it felt like a very wrong idea but I pretended I was fine and tried to walk off, half way to the taxi I thought I had made a very bad decision but presisted and was home in time to watch Friday night with Jonathan Ross, I am not sure how it ended as I had already fallen back to sleep but at least it was in the comfort of my own home.
I woke up with sore hands and looked like I had been attacked with dish cloths.
When I took the make shift bandages off I was battered and bruised beyond belief and couldn't use my hand to write or type - eeek but oh well I meant I was just going to have to do even less.
D took the first week off to look after me and cook and clean and do almost everything for me as I am not allowed to pick things up for some time. He did great. In his down time from being doctor he played xbox and I read lots of books. We also watched the films he had bought and hired out for me, bless him. My mom came down to spend the second week with us to help out, and although I am sure it was a little tough for everyone as we only have a one bedroom flat, I am really grateful to them for their support. And to the 1.5kg box of sweets Paul bought me!!!
My parents bought me this lovely necklace and some marzipan fruits.
Sophie P popped over with some more sweets (I am going to need my dentist after this) a lovely book about goblins and fairies and a rabbit to knit (well my mom has been doing it and I have a new found respect for people who can knit). I had loads of cards and texts so felt very spoilt and then my friend Toni came over with some lovely pink flowers....almost worth being ill for ☺☺
(thank you everyone).

My mom helped me to the doctors for a check up and I was told to go to the hospital for blood tests as I looked too ill and pale, I tried the old pale and interesting line but it didn't work. I was signed off for the rest of the year and told to take it very easy and do as little as possible. I went home planning to be an even better patient. Within hours of being on my own I was feeling terrible, I thought I would go to bed and the next thing I knew my head was hitting the floor so hard it went back for seconds. I haven't told my mom about this yet as I know she would just worry more. So I am at home feeling very tired, weepy, quite depressed to be honest, waiting for the results of my blood tests and for the huge blue bruise to go from my chin. D says it looks like I've been eating blueberry muffins ☺☺
During these first few weeks of recovery I have been reading for England.
Playing with grown ups by Sophie Dahl. She's obviously inherited the writing gene but something wasn't quite there with the characters, I started to feel for them and then they started to irritate me. It was a coming of age story for this young girl from a broken home who is almost taken into a cult her mom is in and then they all come out of it but by then I didn't really care.
End the struggle and dance with life by Susan Jeffers - I think it's good to understand emotions and what makes you tick and all that and do read a few self help books taking what I can from them but this was a bit going over things Susan has already said many times before - so I've gotten more from her Feel the fear and do it anyway book.
Thoughts that harm, thoughts that heal by Keith Mason - I read this for obvious reasons and felt that he brought up some very good ideas about cell renewal and long term illness but the list of A - z illnesses was actually quite dangerous in my eyes some of the reasons he was saying people suffered from some ailments just seemed wrong to me.
The girl with the dragon tattoo by Steig Larsson - I had heard great things about this book but had gotten out of my stage of reading crime novels in my teens but I have to say I am very glad I read it - I totally took a liking to some of the characters and although the subject matter was very shocking at times, a murdering rapist family for example, it was a brilliant read.
I then had a letter printed in Grazia magazine - go me - saying about the ridiculousness of some uses of botox and how we are sending out wrong messages to people.
I played quite a few DS games, Bolt (good and not too repetitive), PI (can't remember the title but it was about being a crime scene investigator and it was good) And Professor Layton (and yes I had to cheat a handful of times, some of the problems were just stupid and some made me feel very clever for solving).
I then read Hunting for Unicorns by Belle Pollen - a nice enough light read about the English Aristocracy but done in a bit of a rom com way....there were no unicorns though.
The book theif by Markus Zusak - this book was amazing - blew me away - didn't like the amount of death but then it was about that lovely time of the Nazi's. It upset me once or twice as I hate the whole Hitler thing to put it lightly. Definitely one I would recommend.
I then watched a programme about a country that had 'doctors' who would say a child was a witch and they would be turned away from their homes or tortured or murdered, it was brutal, it was digusting. A young english man had set up a charity and was working to erradicate this practice and I have to say he became a bit of a hero in my eyes.
I then read A girl named disaster by Nancy Farmer - this was loosely tied around the beliefs of the above - it was interesting but I didn't take to the charcters so it wasn't as hard hitting or thought provoking as I wanted.
I then read The girl who played with fire and The girl who kicked the hornets nest by Steig Larsson, these were the next two books in the trilogy. Book two was amazing, such a great read and I really felt like closing the book was leaving friends behind. The last book got quite political but the trial at the end was amazing but something about the character Salander, well the way she became at the end made me not like her so much. Larsson died shortly after handing his novels to his pulisher which is a shame a he never knew how popular his books were to become but it's more a shame as such a talented writer is going to write no more.
I then read Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey. Brilliant - some of the facts he threw in about LA were amazing....did you know there have a bunch of wild mountain lions that kill and eat about 3 people very year? Or that by 2025 it will be in a permanent grid lock. I was gutted at the end...I can't say incase you read the book but it made me feel so sad.
And now I have to go and finish reading S E Hintons Taming the star runner....told you I was reading a lot.


  1. Get well soon, Alison, and glad you like Stieg's book!

  2. Thank you Reg. And yes I have now read the whole millenium trilogy and think it has gotten me back into crime fiction again!