Monday, 7 December 2009

I squish time......

....with my little finger. Oh yes. I have spent an entire weekend doing, well to be honest I have no clue, but not once have I sat there staring into space. I have done a sketch, I have bought some presents for my brothers and my nephews, I have spoken at length to my mom on the phone. I have watched ET twice and Peter Pan once (they were on the tv and I couldn't find the remote and had great fun) I watched Bronson which blew my mind - I never expected it to be so funny, I watched The Loop and it was shit it wasn't a comedy despite what the cover indicates, it also made me realise I don't want to work in certain office set ups ever again. I watched The Propsal, it was good but not as funny as the adverts would indicate and I also watched Star Trek and it was suprisingly enjoyable. Other than that I have absolutely no clue what I have done, and I am OK with that. The old me would've been freaking out that it wasn't exciting enough but when it's pouring down with rain and I am only on SSP for wages right now (my mom and dad have paid my rent for me for one month how darn cool and lovely is that......and I mutter away about our benefits system that took 6 weeks to answer an email about whether they could send me a form to get my rent paid, it never arrived........but total smack heads can get all the benefit they want uh huh this 'fair' world). It does mean that I still haven't posted those fashion picks of which there are plenty. Can you upload more than 5 pictures at a time?
Until I know the answer to that I will bid you farewell.


  1. Well whatever your situation is just think.... It could always be worse! Plus you have great parents, who are there to help :)

  2. Hi Bren you are totally spot on - there is always someone worse off and yes my parents have been fantastic to help me out as they have bless them :o)