Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas is coming

Am I one of the few adults in the world that still really loves this fact?
A lot of friends have decided to donate money to charity or just be more environmentally sound this year not send cards, which I really respect, but there is something quite nice about all the glitter and sequins that are currently all over my living room floor.

My friend Ana came over to see me on Monday and we had a lovely day of eating food we shouldn't (sweets and chocolate) and just talked for like 8 hours and then watched Music and Lyrics. I have respect for Drew Barrymore and was happy to watch it for that reason a lone. I do not get the Hugh Grant thing........but I have to say I am amazed at how much the stuffy fop can laugh at himself - it really did surprise me. Apparently he came into work once and someone mistook him for the photocopy guy and he really took it on the chin well. This film is sickly sweet but sometimes those movies are just the ticket, it was quite a flop in this country and that surprises me, there are far worse rom coms. I was naughty just and opened the Christmas presents that Ana had bought me - and a great big thank you to her for buying me such lovely things. Before I went into hospital Ana asked me what my favorite fairy tale was, after much serious debating I settled on Sleeping Beauty, and kindof forgot about the conversation. I opened up my presents and there was bottles of fairy dust, a fairy necklace and a gorgeous sparkly picture frame, which is all amazing in itself but inside the frame was a sketch Ana had done of sleeping beauty ☺☺ This week has been lovely for reminding me of what lovely friends I have and that I am way to negative about how I think I come across to people. Thank you especially to Cathy for her lovely email.

On another note, it's not all the season of good will. I hear Frances Bean Cobain has gone to live with her Grandma again and has cut ties with Courtney Love, who has gone on a rant (shocker) saying her daughter is a liar and deluded. I have to say I think that it's a shame when any family falls apart but this poor girl appears to have gone through so much bad parenting and lets be honest it was looking like Frances was the only good thing Courtney had done with her life (I have been a fan of her music but even I threw her solo CD in the bin). I can imagine life with Courtney being a life that opens doors and is fun in an unhealthy way and that she would be great to talk to once in a while but I don't think she has an off switch and that would be way too much. But can you imagine her as a Mother? All that bad press, the drug issues, the rumours, the constant lies, the boyfriends, the money issues.......I am just surprised it took so long for Frances to ask to have the apron strings cut. Still it seems sad to see any family fall apart, especially at Christmas.

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