Friday, 11 December 2009

All that glitters.....

A peak at some of the fashion pics I had accumulated as points of interest since being off ill....I haven't check out designers work for the past month which I guess in fashion is a life time - oh well - I've never succumbed to the fashion victim thing anyway so if I discover some amazing style dress years after it was 'in' I really don't care!!!

Big bags have been becoming bigger and bigger and more annoyikng when you are squished into a cramped tube train but either this person is really really tiny or the big bag has gone too far!

I thought this was a lovely bag - then I realised it was a bib necklace. Bib? No thank you - make it a bag please!

I want this top - so much - then I found out it comes in dress form - heaven in a dress oh yes.

Pretty Polly tights have been around for an eternity and these have got to be some of their best yet!

I don't know why it came out upside down but it works either way - just chains and zips - simple but effective.

Any of these in my stocking would be great please!

This is something I can see on Victoria Beckham and very few other people - stitched up!

A gorgeous change to the LBD party wear! Gorgeous colour that I think would suit any skin tone and any hair colour.

Gorgeous jumper - I love it - my mom loves it.

But this hideous looks like it's been snagged big time - it's just looks like it would make anyone look really droopy and saggy in it - not a good look!

Rhianna is now going to become a fashion designer, I am sure the perfume range will be next....yawn!!!!

I hated these when I first saw them but now I think I could wear the look to perfection!

Hmmm there have been many adverts for these rings lately from many different jewellers. I know it's because they are hoping every man will suddenly realise he is with the woman he wants to be with for life and get down on one knee at Christmas but a diamond on the inside of the ring? What is the point?

I want this dress. I think a range of wedding dresses like this should be made!

Miss Marple fashion is obviously back in!

Embrace your inner geek ladies!

Long gloves. Very nice. But decorate your own with sequins and pretty things and buy the gloves from Dotty P's and you will save about ooo £200!

I want this hat and I don't care if I look stupid in it - as yet no one has bought it for me, I am not demanding just still very much house bound....which I guess begs the question, why do I need a hat!

This looks interesting but bet they can't walk two yards before they are tangled up in themselves and each other and in a heap on the floor!

Puffa Jackets...NO and that is all I have to say on the matter.

I am loving this alien look. Lady Gaga has already featured the shoes in her music video and I would fall short at some of the hair styles and make up but the clothes are fun.

Hay stack anyone?

Just think of the amount of money you would find in these three ladies bank accounts which again begs the question WTF??????

Bag - Yes, Ring - Yes Yes.

More tights - I am loving that there is more than blue/grey/brown/black at this time of year! The middle ones are particularly lovely.

These earrings have sold out many times over and I can only think why? Why do you want bugs in your ears people?

Christopher Kane how I love your designs but even I don't want manky rotten teeth splashed across me.

Loving these lots.

The patterns on this shouldn't work but somehow they do. I have seen this on someone and it needs gold accessories long chains and lots of them but it works still!

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