Monday, 21 December 2009

Stocking fillers....and no I don't mean my legs

One last review of the magazines before Christmas. I haven't been too impressed the last few weeks, there seems to have been a bit of a lack of great party dresses in the weeklies and too much about soap opera 'stars'.......boring! But this advert caught my eye and really made me think. It is so true and such a sad state of affairs that we don't all have the option to health care. In the UK we get 'free' healthcare, in reality we do pay towards it in our taxes and prescriptions so it's not totally free but is subsidised. Although the level of that care is getting to be more and more negotiable as cuts are made all over the place. Saying that, I just had my third operation in two years and have paid nothing extra towards that - so I don't really moan too loudly about the healthcare system. But surely everyone has a right to healthcare?

Courtney Love graced the front cover of Dazed and Confused. It's kindof nice to see her back and one would hope on her feet again but she looks wasted in half the pictures you see of her, it's really boring seeing her get her boobs out every shot again and then the whole come back is clouded with the issues swirling around why Frances Bean finally had enough of her mom and jumped ship to Kurts mother. Time will tell.

This slogan hit home too - 'Imagine waking up tomorrow and all music has disappeared', as much as I might joke that it would be great for some songs to disappear, wouldn't it be just unbearable if there was no more music!?!?! In fact, it doesn't bare thinking about.

So Kate Moss sums things up in this statement, kindof a lot of the important things in life with a nice cliche thrown in...rock n roll Kate, rock n roll your eyes.

Her ex put it even more nicely - and I think if anyone is going to make a new years resolution - no scratch that as hardly anyone sticks to those - maybe if you do one thing in 2010 do this:

This picture really made me laugh as I am sure a lot of stick thin girls either do this or would love to. And oh the irony that this is in a fashion magazine!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND........TIM BURTON.......need I say more. Surely the must see of the year already?!

And The Red Shoes is back, redone and on the big screen. It's times like these that I wish the UK weather was warmer and I could go to a big park and watch it with a picnic out in the open!

Claire's Accessories does something note worthy, although once I saw old Katie Price in a little mini top hat it kindof put me off but they are still cute.

And the bow possibly even cuter!

Now if I were to be indulgent and ask for a totally useless present for Christmas it would have to be this:

Followed by this dress - totally ridiculous but I just want to try to get on the crowded Christmas time tubes in this and see how many people I can annoy ☺

This is an advertising campaign for the store Selfridges and I have to say I think next year this is how I am going to decorate my Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas to you all!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm a feminine not a feminist

Once upon a time being a feminist was a good thing, it was seen as a good word. It meant that women were being seen as human, as equal. As a female of the species I was allowed to vote, which meant my opinions were valid. I was entitled to an education, just like a boy was. I was entitled to work it if I wanted to, I didn't just have to be a baby maker and home maker.

All good things. It meant I was recognised as a human being with the right to choose.

But somewhere, something has gone very wrong. The word Feminist has become quite an ugly one to the majority of people. A female friend of mine hates feminists. A lot of women think this is weird for a woman to say. But lets think about that one. Today I am expected to make a home, keep it clean, have a job, have children that I raise to be good human beings, to be I feel I should have the choice of any of those but how can I humanly be expected to achieve all of that and achieve it well? Why would I want to do a half arsed effort at any of those. So, sadly it appears that the word feminist or the rights those initial feminists were fighting for has been interpreted to mean that as a female of the species I should be able to do everything all at once and that some men now see women as 'fair game' that, I think the quote was 'I don't have to be nice to 'them' anymore.'

Men had all male groups that women were not allowed to be in. I personally believe there should never be such a huge divide - there are two species that work from a different but equally important emotional angle. They come together quite nicely if both are respected and share the needs and demands of this world. Now that is in no way saying that you shouldn't have same sex relationships or parents, I do not mean that for one minute. BUT, I do think it is highly important for a child to be exposed to the female and the male of the species as they will learn and develop so much from this exposure. This doesn't have to be in the typical format of a parent, but as a guardian maybe.

A man needs to be a man and a woman needs to be a woman, we all need boy time or girl time. I just don't think it feels right to say a woman can't go beyond this spot. So feminists had a point with that but sadly seem to have counteracted it by making places only women can go, which starts to feel a bit tit for tat. I don't know about you but my mom always told me that two wrongs don't make a right. It seems to be that the bad characteristics of a man (the chauvinistic side) have been taken on by a lot of woman labelled as feminists today. I had a male of the species once say about me that it wasn't that I had an opinion that was the problem, it was because I was a woman with an opinion. This is down right disgusting. And was sadly said by someone in the same age group as me. That's not a manly point of view. That's just rude. Something somewhere has obviously gone wrong as today woman are earning less than a man in the same job, and this difference is the highest it has been for 20 years. Kids are running riot as the family set up falls apart. Because woman rightly felt they had the right to be in jobs if they wished but somehow it has become almost essential to have two incomes to be able to afford a home and to bring up children. I know of people that have had quite a few children to entitle them to a house fully paid for on benefits, and to keep them in beer and cigarette money, that is not what I am advocating as that kind of behaviour is not to be respected. But suddenly women are being looked down upon for being a full time mother, as though it's an easy ride that takes no work at all. Women taking time out of their jobs to have children are almost being penalised when they return to work. Women that decide they don't want children are now demanding to have maternity leave too as though that 6 months out of work to look after your child and build a bond with them is seen as a total holiday.

In a book written by a man (The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff) he states that woman are being used and abused more than ever. That never have women been portrayed so demeaningly in magazines, movies, television and books. That feminism does not seem to have set women free but is making it remarkably cheap.

So something has gone very wrong. Kids are being forced to grow up before they are ready and equipped to do so and the adolescent stage seems to be lingering for longer and longer. Even in the animal world there are remarkable things happening. There are groups of all male elephants running around attacking themselves and humans, which has not been the way before, they are destroying the reputation of elephants and in certain cultures they are all being deemed as bad and that it's a problem that needs eradicating. In reality it's down to poaching - the older wiser elephants are being killed for their tusks and are not able to pass on valuable knowledge or to correct the kids wayward behaviour. You can see the same things happening on the streets today. To cut a long story short - male and female have a unique place in this world, they both need to be present in their best forms. Women should be able to choose. But no one is capable of doing it all well, there is bound to be some consequences..................The other day I heard a lady tell a man off for holding a door open for her, she thought he was demeaning her. He was just being polite. Kindness is already too lacking in this world, why on earth do we went to try to stamp out anymore of it? Harmony is the key here surely, with a big dose of respect added in. Chauvinistic behaviour is archaic and ugly we do not want a nation of everyone turning into chauvinists, surely there is a happy balance out there where a man can be a man and a woman can be a woman without it having to be in a derogatory aggressive way.

It's for this reason that I say I am feminine not feminist. I understand that naturally a female is designed to nest and to nurture and that a male is generally stronger in build and is the hunter gatherer. I don't want to change those natural roles/capabilities. I want to enhance them and to build that teamwork that I feel is essential. I don't want it all but I feel I have the right to choose what I do want and that my sex should not indicate my position in life or business but I can work on my natural qualities to enhance my position in business and in life. Labelling a woman as a feminist today is seen as being an insult, where it started for the greater good. I will always embrace my feminine side but I will also demand respect, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Friday, 18 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is snow.

Outside my house last night as soon as the snow started to fall - what can I say I am a big kid!

Overnight I had heard that London could get up to 20 cms of snow, of course I was looking forward to waking up to a big blanket of white covering the ground so I could go out and make a snowman, have a snowball fight and make snow angels. Alas it wasn't quite 20 cms!?!

But it was still snow.....just.

And a very London scene, a nice black cab looking not so black.

I then took my first bit of public transport for 5 weeks to see if I can make it home for Christmas. My lack of iron is making me very wobbly on my feet and very tired but I had Christmas presents to buy and two little kitty cats waiting to meet me at Scar Music Studios in Camden Town. Mork and Mindy (I named them, but D likes to think he did :o)

Mindy is the black cat and Mork is the black and white cat.

Outside in the garden.
To greet you inside......

Happy Christmas to you all!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas is coming

Am I one of the few adults in the world that still really loves this fact?
A lot of friends have decided to donate money to charity or just be more environmentally sound this year not send cards, which I really respect, but there is something quite nice about all the glitter and sequins that are currently all over my living room floor.

My friend Ana came over to see me on Monday and we had a lovely day of eating food we shouldn't (sweets and chocolate) and just talked for like 8 hours and then watched Music and Lyrics. I have respect for Drew Barrymore and was happy to watch it for that reason a lone. I do not get the Hugh Grant thing........but I have to say I am amazed at how much the stuffy fop can laugh at himself - it really did surprise me. Apparently he came into work once and someone mistook him for the photocopy guy and he really took it on the chin well. This film is sickly sweet but sometimes those movies are just the ticket, it was quite a flop in this country and that surprises me, there are far worse rom coms. I was naughty just and opened the Christmas presents that Ana had bought me - and a great big thank you to her for buying me such lovely things. Before I went into hospital Ana asked me what my favorite fairy tale was, after much serious debating I settled on Sleeping Beauty, and kindof forgot about the conversation. I opened up my presents and there was bottles of fairy dust, a fairy necklace and a gorgeous sparkly picture frame, which is all amazing in itself but inside the frame was a sketch Ana had done of sleeping beauty ☺☺ This week has been lovely for reminding me of what lovely friends I have and that I am way to negative about how I think I come across to people. Thank you especially to Cathy for her lovely email.

On another note, it's not all the season of good will. I hear Frances Bean Cobain has gone to live with her Grandma again and has cut ties with Courtney Love, who has gone on a rant (shocker) saying her daughter is a liar and deluded. I have to say I think that it's a shame when any family falls apart but this poor girl appears to have gone through so much bad parenting and lets be honest it was looking like Frances was the only good thing Courtney had done with her life (I have been a fan of her music but even I threw her solo CD in the bin). I can imagine life with Courtney being a life that opens doors and is fun in an unhealthy way and that she would be great to talk to once in a while but I don't think she has an off switch and that would be way too much. But can you imagine her as a Mother? All that bad press, the drug issues, the rumours, the constant lies, the boyfriends, the money issues.......I am just surprised it took so long for Frances to ask to have the apron strings cut. Still it seems sad to see any family fall apart, especially at Christmas.



Yup - all over my eyelashes.

And that deserves a post all of it's own.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Freedom Writers

I had the results back from my blood test and I am very badly aneamic again (or however that is spelt) so it's time to take the foot off the pedal even more and back to doing even less until I feel stronger again. My friend Jenny came down from back home to see me today which was lovely. D is out for the night so I flaked in front of the tv preparing myself for a couple of hours of brain rot. I noticed that Freedom Writers was on so I thought I would watch it again. It's amazing what one woman could achieve at her school, within her neighbourhood and how many people her actions changed, most definitely for the better. Thing is she was just an ordinary person - just like we all are, and that's all it takes to make a difference in this world, it just takes ordinary people.

To me, that is quite a heart warming, inspiring realisation.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Pictures can say a thousand words in just one shot

Kings of Leon

I've seen way too many crap music programmed today and one track keeps coming on that I really don't mind. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire (or Socks on fire as my friends daughter sweetly thought they were singing). I don't get the chicken eating in this video - there is absolutely nothing sexy about it but the groove they always have running through their music is just brilliant! I am lucky to have seen them play live quite a few times in different size venues one of the best was driving (ok being driven) to London (when I wasn't living here then) to see them at Brixton Academy just before Christmas.

Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire (Official Music Video) - Click here for more amazing videos

All that glitters.....

A peak at some of the fashion pics I had accumulated as points of interest since being off ill....I haven't check out designers work for the past month which I guess in fashion is a life time - oh well - I've never succumbed to the fashion victim thing anyway so if I discover some amazing style dress years after it was 'in' I really don't care!!!

Big bags have been becoming bigger and bigger and more annoyikng when you are squished into a cramped tube train but either this person is really really tiny or the big bag has gone too far!

I thought this was a lovely bag - then I realised it was a bib necklace. Bib? No thank you - make it a bag please!

I want this top - so much - then I found out it comes in dress form - heaven in a dress oh yes.

Pretty Polly tights have been around for an eternity and these have got to be some of their best yet!

I don't know why it came out upside down but it works either way - just chains and zips - simple but effective.

Any of these in my stocking would be great please!

This is something I can see on Victoria Beckham and very few other people - stitched up!

A gorgeous change to the LBD party wear! Gorgeous colour that I think would suit any skin tone and any hair colour.

Gorgeous jumper - I love it - my mom loves it.

But this hideous looks like it's been snagged big time - it's just looks like it would make anyone look really droopy and saggy in it - not a good look!

Rhianna is now going to become a fashion designer, I am sure the perfume range will be next....yawn!!!!

I hated these when I first saw them but now I think I could wear the look to perfection!

Hmmm there have been many adverts for these rings lately from many different jewellers. I know it's because they are hoping every man will suddenly realise he is with the woman he wants to be with for life and get down on one knee at Christmas but a diamond on the inside of the ring? What is the point?

I want this dress. I think a range of wedding dresses like this should be made!

Miss Marple fashion is obviously back in!

Embrace your inner geek ladies!

Long gloves. Very nice. But decorate your own with sequins and pretty things and buy the gloves from Dotty P's and you will save about ooo £200!

I want this hat and I don't care if I look stupid in it - as yet no one has bought it for me, I am not demanding just still very much house bound....which I guess begs the question, why do I need a hat!

This looks interesting but bet they can't walk two yards before they are tangled up in themselves and each other and in a heap on the floor!

Puffa Jackets...NO and that is all I have to say on the matter.

I am loving this alien look. Lady Gaga has already featured the shoes in her music video and I would fall short at some of the hair styles and make up but the clothes are fun.

Hay stack anyone?

Just think of the amount of money you would find in these three ladies bank accounts which again begs the question WTF??????

Bag - Yes, Ring - Yes Yes.

More tights - I am loving that there is more than blue/grey/brown/black at this time of year! The middle ones are particularly lovely.

These earrings have sold out many times over and I can only think why? Why do you want bugs in your ears people?

Christopher Kane how I love your designs but even I don't want manky rotten teeth splashed across me.

Loving these lots.

The patterns on this shouldn't work but somehow they do. I have seen this on someone and it needs gold accessories long chains and lots of them but it works still!