Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wish upon a star

I wish Human nature would allow the news to be filled with people’s celebrations of note, that it could contain the happy moments of life – but the sad fact is most people just don’t care or even worse they want to hear about people’s suffering so they can feel better about their own lives or their own grief.

So much violence is in the news that I can see people getting less shocked to such images and stories. I want to forever feel it’s horrendous what people are capable of doing to each other. I also want to forever celebrate individuality – when it’s not harming anyone.

I saw that a young bride on her wedding day got beaten so badly by some passerby that she had to spend 7 hours in hospital, her young 14 year old guest was punched in the head and another of the entourage had some piercings ripped out. Why you ask? Because they looked a bit different. The bride wore a black wedding gown with a cobweb print shawl. Now that is not to my taste but so what. It was Halloween – you’d think it wouldn’t have stood out as much but by the by. What harm was she doing to anyone? Nothing! What sad lives people must lead to get their kicks by doing such a thing to someone? No thought of anyone else or the consequence of their actions.

I overheard a young boy on the bus saying that his social life was now officially over, I was intrigued so yes, I ear wigged. He said he was all up for a laugh but he meant running across the road in front of traffic (ok whatever) but, his friends were now planning attacks on random people so they could film it and ‘fuck someone up’, anyone would do. Where have we all gone wrong that such acts are deemed as entertainment? A man is at home and two youths break into his house and in self defence he shoots them, one boy dies, the man who was protecting his home is now the one going to court. I am sorry for the loss but that boy should not have been in that home, has no one realised that?

A man falls down in the street, some kind passer by rushes over to give him mouth to mouth. He then gets sued by the person he saved because he broke a rib in the process.

I mean what the hell is that?

What happened that we can’t help one another, enjoy the pleasantries in life. Celebrate someone’s individuality. Do we really want a nanny state where we all look the same, think the same and act the same?

I don’t get why a woman would want to just wear sports gear – but no way would I ever think of saying or doing anything to that person because of it.

I watched a programme last night about two tearaway teenagers sent to another country to spend some time with the ‘strictest parents’. They were absolutely hated at first but the ruling with an iron fist also led to incredible praise when it was due. Things were explained properly to them rather than just a few shouted words. Children respected their elders and what was being said to them. They didn’t see toeing the line as boring or being square. They saw it as a way of achieving the best in themselves to get the best from life.

I know when you are a teen you think you know it all – little bits of mischief seem funny but so many of these children just seemed so lost. All they needed or wanted was some rules to show that someone cared enough about them.

I remember as a child you would always almost envy the kids who had parents that would let them do anything – but I look back now and see these children are quite often the ones with bad dependencies. Lots of programmes on tv show naughty kids as actually begging and crying out for discipline, for rules, for a hug.

When did it become fun to beat the crap out of a total stranger and hope they die?
When did it become OK to not have to work and just steal whatever you want?
When did it become OK to rape someone for the hell of it?
When did it become OK to walk up to someone you were jealous of and throw acid in their face?
When did it become OK to pull a gun on someone that asked you not to ride your bike on the pavement?
When did it become OK to shoot someone in the leg for a warning for looking at you the wrong way?

What went wrong?

Everyone’s had shit happen to them, it’s not just you!

Life and the world can be beautiful but for some reason so many of us seem hell bent on ignoring that fact.


  1. Unfortunately, I think that random acts of stupidity and evil-doing have been around since the beginning of our time here on Earth. We just hear more about it now because technology affords a real-time, 24/7 view into every dirty little nook and cranny around the world.

    Luckily for us, it also allows us to see and appreciate all of the beauty that there is as well.

    Speaking of which, I LOVE YOUR SITE... BEAUTIFUL PICS!!!

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, sorry for the late response, hope you're doing great, and your post just woke me up.. Lol
    Check out my blog, I may take you to the next Paris Fashion Week ;)


  3. It's really strange, I was having a conversation very similiar to your blog at dinner (not the lightest of conversations I admit) but it does seem like we're hell bent on promoting the negatives of life! Human nature (if you believe in that) perhaps?

  4. AJAB - to a degree I think you are right - bad things have always happened - it just feels to me that those bad things are getting more and more violent - that life is getting to be more throw away than ever to some, but maybe it has always been that way - either way - I think it's quite a shame.
    Sinnerman - maybe it is ok for dinnertime conversation - can keep it lighter when there is food to eat as well but it does effect us all these days in this 'civilised' world. But you are right about the promotion of the negatives, again such a shame when there is so much beauty around.
    Maison - Paris fashion week would blow my mind. I think I'd feel initimidated ☺☺