Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Short and sweet...ish

I returned to work yesterday and heard that a girl I work with had been attacked. As she was stepping out of the lift of her block of flats, a man approached her with two dogs blocking her in, from all accounts quite a verbal followed, then out of nowhere the guys girlfriend ran up and punched her in the head repeatedly until she was on the ground and then started putting the boot in, the man who initiated the attack pulled his girlfriend off. How absolutely terrible on so many levels, and in your own home. It's sickening and really makes you feel deflated about the world we live in.

On the bus on the way home last night, due to all the people on board and the cold outside the bus steamed up. A man got up and walked to the front windows and started writing on the steamy windows with his finger. This is what he wrote "Smile People. Coz' Life Ain't That Bad'.

There was something really beautiful about that.

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  1. Jesus what a fucking world, bet they were sodding chavs.