Monday, 2 November 2009

No real focus

Christian Louboutin is being inspired by Barbie, the doll that has been in so many households for so many years. He has done a selection of photo shoots with Barbie wearing shoes she inspired him to design and Barbie, um, hanging out in his house.
Ok fair enough, but didn’t Gina Garen already do this like forever ago with the Blythe doll?

Fashion is generally going very Goth – which is as far from Barbie as you can get really. I am not sure about Barbie as a roll model doll but then what is the alternative, Bratz dolls with their over inflated heads and lips? But then when I was little the doll of choice was called Tiny Tears – you dressed her in your old baby clothes mostly and would give her water so she would pee and cry. I got fed up with mine never seeming to stop crying so for some reason I jabbed a pencil in her mouth – breaking my pencil and the doll, so it didn’t really teach me any good mothering skills even though it was a more realistic doll.

Growing up should be fun, just like fashion, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get messages across in a subtle way, much like Pixar does with it’s ‘hidden’ meanings in films.

I feel sick when I hear little children talking about the fat content in food. I don’t want a nation of obese children but come on, if the parents are doing their job, the child should just be getting a well balanced diet and not even be aware that it’s healthy or not just what they should be eating is there and given to them. Children that only eat Burger King? Sorry but someone is allowing them to be fed only Burger King.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times. As fashion is going all Goth which is normally associated with the miserable pair in the corner in a club that don’t utter a word to one another. I am not knocking Goths, far from it, I am more taken the michael out of how people assume because of how one looks. I have black hair therefore people think I am a Goth. I think that is insulting to someone that is a Goth as it takes more than black hair to be something other than a dark haired person. Maybe it’s because I’m not naturally a dark haired person that it confuses people as to why I chose to do my hair dark. Good.

In a time when people are struggling even harder to get food on the table and keep their jobs, do we really want fashion to go all dark and trussed up? Don’t we want it to be all candy coloured and fun? Or maybe that would be deemed as making a mockery of things? See, that is the problem when fashion and politics get mixed. When famous people feel they have to ‘cut back’ so they don’t appear to be accused of frivolity when the rest of the world is struggling, so they buy frocks for hundreds instead of thousands of pounds (yes I am being a teeny tiny bit sarcastic here).

Then I saw that everyone everywhere is stopping giving out plastic bags at the counter, like these shops suddenly care about the environment – like it’s not about cutting their costs. Then I saw these pictures (believe me there were far worse), and I thought I don’t care if it’s not being done for the right reasons, I don’t care if we are all being forced to make these decisions a bit more than doing them because we are aware and we care, at least it’s being done.
On a lighter note that is linked in - sorty of - this is some artwork by a man called Craig Tracy. At first I just thought it was a really good animal painting but he does body art and then incorporates the body into the picture.

It took me a while to see but the nose of the animal is the back of the person! Pretty impressive.

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