Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mumbo jumbo.......because I can!!!!

So, I have two more sleeps until my operation, I am scared but excited, I am so eager to get this done now that I am really paranoid that they are going to postpone the operation.....positive thoughts and all that.

My best friend was in London today which was lovely timing and tomorrow I am going to see the Christmas Carol movie with Jim Carey (as in him starring in it not me going with him you understand!) to give me some good old Christmas spirit.

So this could be my last blog piece for a while or you could get loads of nonsensical whoops still slightly out of it posts in a few days.

Now this is a hint for all men thinking of buying their significant other some underwear for Christmas - keep away from the red lace with black bows and go for something like this instead believe me!!

Love is special every day but especially at this time of year - so take the time to stop for a moment and be grateful for all those you love in life and all those that love you, tell them you love them and show them you love them.

The best wallpaper ever?

Or could this be?

Or could this be the one?

Or this? Oh bugger my house is going to be painful on the eyes!

Marion and I spent a while in one of the best stores ever, Paperchase. I have to share some of the cards in there.........

And finally............


  1. Well I hope you get the op on this date. having things posponed sucks and this type of appointment is stressful as it is.
    Btw please post during recovery. it might be fun. typos, crooked pictures and wild ramblings of a medicated babe are one joy in life.
    Id say dont worry it'll be fine, but im not going to

  2. Good luck with the op. I'm sure it will go well. And keep away from the red lace with black bows? Drat :( lol

  3. Good luck w/ the operation.

    "Be grateful for the ones you love..." Excellent advice!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you ☺☺☺