Sunday, 8 November 2009

It's time to look at the glossy's

I think this birdcage umbrella might actually beat the wonders of my pink glittery fairy and unicorn one. £28 Lulu Guiness.

Yellow and Black is one to be careful about as you don't want to end up looking like a bee. This is by Tibi for £570 and definitely gets it right.

Polka dot anything is good in my book especially these polka dot cardis from Benetton for £40

Stella McCartney has designed a range for Gap and some of it is very wearable and won't get your child beaten up in the playground.

And all of this is high street from Next. Just goes to show you don't need to raid a bank to look good.

Rainbow dress, as I have called it - £835 from Jonathan Saunders - perfect uplift to a LBD

Top and skirt £350 each from Erdem - love it. It does resemble something about paint splattered overalls but somehow it works.

Christopher Kane - I am fast becoming a huge fan. Dress £807.30 and Jacket £796.50 yeah I don't get the odd 50 and 30 pence either.

But honestly what is this? Not only does it resemble bad netting but in that pink that suits next to no one. £2,430 by Vionnet.

I have never been over convinced by the cape due to the whole Sherlock Holmes thing but this one is lovely - £120 by Wallis.

And Accessorize. Just because. I go into this store and say 'I'll have one of those please' whilst I point and spin round in a circle.

Anna Friel has been getting some bad press of late - her Audrey Hepburn role in Breakfast at Tiffany's received such write ups as well the cat is good and then she got majorly slammed for this outfit - personally I like it. As for the Holly Go Lightly reviews, well, everyone knows the role was meant for me................

Almost sensible winter ankle boots but still managing to stay old school gym class but cool £498 Matches Fashion.

I do not get this look. If it was done at home on an old pair of jeans I still wouldn't get it - as it is they're Just Cavalli for £155.

These boots, almost to die for. Dotty P's £42 - bargain! I was going to say I'd buy two but naturally you do need two boots.

Hmm clutch bag. French Connection again (it's scaring me - did they just get a new designer or something?) £50
I know the 80's are being revisited but bodies coming back - even polka dot ones - not - if they don't fit perfectly you get the weirdest shape - believe me. And the skirt on the left - what the hell shape is that - guaranteed to ruin the most perfect of figures.

Yuk - hideous - I don't know what else to say - £55 Duke and Duchess. But please, save your money!

And then, even worse, £179 by Maaike Mekking. Pukey puke-ing I am afraid.

Kelly Osbourne can afford lots of lovely clothes. She can also afford a mirror. She can also afford a stylist. Ok I wouldn't want a stylist either to be honest but there is no excuse to not having a mirror to look in before leaving the house. Sorry, but no!

I agree that 35 years of Hello Kitty is worth celebrating. But like this? I am not so sure. Wonder if she'll let me have one of the toys though?


  1. lol
    whats worse, that kelly cant afford a mirror or the she has one and really thinks that looks good?
    Ozzy was such a nice man when I grew up. oh sure a loud music, biting bat heads off. Dont know where his kids went wrong :D

  2. Damn... I want the pink tutu soo badly. My legs are hotter!

  3. Haha I am sure your wife would love to get you the pink tutu Dayne ☺☺
    And yeah John you are right - how did it go wrong haha I remember seeing an interview where Kelly said when you have parents like hers how the hell do you rebel? Good point!