Monday, 2 November 2009

I'll take one in every colour

Red and Black is always a winning combination add this to the lovely cut and not so hideous price tag I say big winner - Diva Catwalk £89

Not to be warn with the dress but kindof cute all the same. Sophie Gittins £395

Now this necklace costs £100 from Miss Selfridge - now sorry but who goes to Miss Selfridge expecting to spend £100 on a necklace but also why do they think this is worth that much, it's the sort of necklace that after one wear you will spend your life cussing and swearing and trying to untangle the damn thing - incidentally I bought one from another high street store - very similar for under £10

DKNY I have featured it before but every last little thing on here I would have, gladly.

So Kate Moss launches her latest collection. Up until now her attempts at designing have been absolutely laughable...I have heard some stories from the inside about her input that doesn't make me change my mind - but this latest collection is actually quite nice, hardly blows you away but nice all the same. Be nice to see Kate wear something other than skinny jeans. She was a model I once thought was cool, she bucked the trend with her height her wonky teeth and her wonky eye but over time she's appeared to show a little more of who she is and it really hasn't been pretty.

Not only is this such a lovely cute wonderful tshirt it's only £25 - from French Connection - I am getting worried this is the second thing I have liked from their store in the last year.

More boo gear - I want to start a trend ok.

Hmmm boots - now these are quite something £225 from Top Shop, call me cheap but I still find it weird that I can go to plenty of boot stores in Camden and get a similar look for under £100 and I know this is not an investment boot - it's fashion - it's a season or two - but they look good I'll give you that.
How long have I been moaning about the size of last others are taking note!

Ah bless Lily - pointed hats and pointed shoulders make for a pixie look but she's young enough to pull it off and sometimes I think should just be about fun and not much else.

And Ugg boots have almost made a nice pair of boots!??!?! I've always said Ugg boots are two letters away from Ugly for a reason but these look comfy and dare I say it nice.

Now Goth is taking over a little this season but I think this is a nice take on the gothic victorian thing. £125

This is just one big fat no - duvet style coats are not pretty they are function making them shiny with bad jewels on them is not going to change that. BIG MISS.

This look reminds me of a lampshade - every time I have seen any skirt or dress like this or with an old style mini cage underneath so a modern take on a period dress? In some ways it shouldn't work but I like it - and it's going to make even the biggest legs look thinner now isn't it.

Now this dress is one of my favorite things - it's fun, quite a simple cut and lovely colours. maybe I should make this my post to D ☺ It's Paul Smith for £1,060

But this is almost as bad as the bejewelled duvet coat - the nappy look is never I repeat NEVER going to look good.
But these dresses on the other hand - one for every skin tone going I think.

And here's Lily getting it right - ok so it's a rip off of Audrey and it's styled but it looks good!

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