Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dolly Mixtures

I don't like this latest trend of dresses - it looks like something still half made on the dress makers dummy. And it's everywhere *shudder*.

Pretty watch - I don't normally like such things either as I hate being confined by the restraints of time. Interestingly I am rarely late for anything even though I don't wear a watch.

This was refreshing to see. The amount of changes being made to a photograph even after the super strong lighting, the heavy make up, the designer outfits and the carefully orchestrated angles. Heaven forbid could they be human too!

And then how can Courtney look so ladylike one moment and then train wreck the next - I am sure it is not ALL lighting.

Hmmm Tiffany's. Who doesn't want that little egg blue box being pushed into their hand one day :o)

The headband in the Chanel Breakfast at Tiffanys shoot - now that I want way more than I should.

Wrong wrong wrong but somehow now it's on here it doesn't look quite so bad. Heavy leanings on the word 'quite' people.

Loving the dresses. Loving the masks even more. Someone really needs to invite me to a masquerade ball!

SHOES!!!! ♥♥

I don't even care what is in this picture - something about the set up looks grand.

Thunderstorm jumpers at good prices - the designers behind Bat for Lashes - me likey lots.

And this should not work - it should be tacky and horrible and I am sure a lot of you think it is but something about this is calling my name.

Pretty perfume bottle for every girl everywhere.

This is the most expensive sticker in the world. It's the best part of £50 I can't even see how it's a sticker right now but I think it looks nice - there is something quite cool about it!

Yuk. £150 on a pile of shiny vomit ring - I think it's really tacky and nasty and in picture at least it looks really cheap.

Hairbands everywhere. I've been rocking this look for a while now I am glad the rest of the world caught up haha now it won't just be me having people asking "what is on her head!!!!"

SHOES!!! ♥
These ones are pretty special too.

Hoorah hoorah at last people are waking up real women wear real clothes and want to see what they look like on real women not garden rakes. I told you the Dove campaign has been the most effective yet and now finally could the catwalk be realising that not everyone should be the size of a 8 year old as an adult!

Even the photo uploader couldn't deal with these tin foil nappy impersonating shorts....even sideways they don't look flattering.

And oh how kind - trousers pre done to look like you've had them on for about a year and gone a bit baggy or had a whoopseedaisy in them. Nice. *frown*.

I don't entirely know what I think about the thigh high sky high boots yet but lilac is winning me over!

So many shoes to love and these just have to be added to the list.

This was just an advert but it's the prettiest picture I have seen in a while. I'd want the effect of the butterflies flying away as I wore the dress though and I really have no clue how that would be achieved - I'd also want to have big sunglasses on.

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