Monday, 9 November 2009

Artist? Musician? Performer?

Would you feel cheated if you went to a concert to see a band or musician and then they mimed throughout the show? I would. To me that is not a musician, that is a performer.

Take Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole, two of the latest culprits of this. Britney mimed during her tour - so that to me makes her a performer not a musician. She also mimed on X Factor, as did Cheryl, but wait, Cheryl managed to sing a WHOLE verse by herself, well lets please applaud the lady I mean after all she is meant to be a singer. To think it was even an issue to be able to 'sing' a whole song. Especially when she is on a show telling totally nobodies what to do and how to do it and then as the 'professional' she mimes but expects them to sing? That smells of something and it sure ain't pretty. Britney was a 'special guest' on the show to show the kids how it's done and proceeded to mime. Rip off anyone? Would you not feel cheated?

It's like authors who say they have written a book lets take Katie Price for an example, how many books has she 'written'? Recently she admitted what we all knew, that she hadn't even written one word, that she basically tells someone the basis for the story - something along the lines of boy meets girl, they fight a bit, get a bit steamy, have a shag and blah blah you know that real rocket science thinking so ok it's throw away literature but surely she should at least be writing it? How can her name go on the book? With a straight face she will tell you she is an author, the urge to say that maybe the straight face is to do with all the botox but um well I obviously won't resist saying it will I ☺☺ but seriously, it's no wonder that children today think they will earn £30,000 and above in their first job. It's no wonder people see being famous as an actual job.

But back to the beginning, surely the whole thing about going to a gig is to get the live vibe, to hear the artist sing, to hear the roar energy that is present when it's live. If it's just to see a splodge on stage dancing pretending to sing into the mic' then surely it would be better to save your money and watch the show on tv?

I know, I probably have too much time on my hands to ponder such things but..........

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