Sunday, 8 November 2009

4 days of sickness with some fireworks thrown in

Not a combination that I would normally think of, but one that worked nicely. I have been bed ridden since having to leave a meal with Claire early on Wednesday night. 5 more days to go until my operation and I am seriously counting down the minutes now. Somehow I have to get through 4 more days of work, I will try my best and hope for understanding bosses for the rest.

I found a book that helped me hugely. Fibroids The Complete Guide to Taking Control of Your Physical, Emotional and Sexual Well Being by Johanna Skilling. All I can say is I wish I had found this 3 years ago when I first got ill. She answers so many questions that no one else has been able to answer or even thought to address at times. It's a scary read but one I would recommend for anyone that is suffering from Fibroids or knows someone that is. She tackles the issues that effect you emotional that medical professionals don't even think about. I learnt just how unlucky I am, I am generally of a nationality, age, diet etc etc that should not have any problems but no, lucky me, I have the worst and most uncommon kind of fibroid!?! At times I was in tears about the prospects I might yet have to face and also just that someone got it.

My friend Sophie brought over her baby Alice to see me for a few hours and it was a lovely relief. Then D took me out to the fireworks for Bonfire Night - it was about a one hour round trip and that is about all I have been able to manage each day is an hour on my feet - so it was a lovely way to spend that hour. Guy Fawkes actually plotted his attack just down the road from where I grew up, a little known fact I only found out recently.

The streets where I live are normally very very quiet - I was amazed at the amount of people decending on this firework display - it was also quite something to hear thousands of people singing along to 'I've got a feeling' to count down the fireworks starting.

There was a fun fair - I find there is little more magical than the fair.




  1. I didn't read back far enough to know or forgot your sick. I hope the recovery is quick and painless, or at least enough painkillers to make it smoother. I dont know what fibro is but Im going to learn now. good luck:)

  2. Thank you, that's very kind of you. I have decided to talk about things to do with being ill because in a way it's what made me start writing this blog - after 3 years of my life being turned upside down from being ill I want to know who I have become, because my values have certainly changed. Also, fibroids seem to affect 80% or more of women some never have any problems with them but some end up with huge health issues due to having them. No one seems to talk about them even though they are so common, not alot of research has been done into them as they are seen to be just another womans problem but as they are tumors like cancer but very very rarely become cancerous it's been realised that understanding more about them might actually help to cure most cancers. I haven't said too much in the blog but wanted enough out there to help anyone if they want or need to know more.