Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The miniest update

Just to say - yippee the operation was a success although I am very weak and tired still - hence no updates from me for a while and I am guessing there won't be any for a few weeks yet too but just to let you know I am alive and well and recovering at home.
Hope everyone is well.xx

Thursday, 12 November 2009

I can't help myself.......

I need a mini teeny tiny rant.

Sexy is meant to be a natural thing - you either have it or you haven't - too try hard looks nasty.

And whilst I'm here I may as well unload this - sweaty looking men clutching aftershave bottles is not going to make me buy that product for anyone. Women sucking on their finger trying to be seductive is not going to make me buy that scent - it's going to make me laugh because dare I say it again TOO TRY HARD = UGLY.

I thank you :o)

Let your inner light and confidence show through. Now THAT's far more sexy.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mumbo jumbo.......because I can!!!!

So, I have two more sleeps until my operation, I am scared but excited, I am so eager to get this done now that I am really paranoid that they are going to postpone the operation.....positive thoughts and all that.

My best friend was in London today which was lovely timing and tomorrow I am going to see the Christmas Carol movie with Jim Carey (as in him starring in it not me going with him you understand!) to give me some good old Christmas spirit.

So this could be my last blog piece for a while or you could get loads of nonsensical whoops still slightly out of it posts in a few days.

Now this is a hint for all men thinking of buying their significant other some underwear for Christmas - keep away from the red lace with black bows and go for something like this instead believe me!!

Love is special every day but especially at this time of year - so take the time to stop for a moment and be grateful for all those you love in life and all those that love you, tell them you love them and show them you love them.

The best wallpaper ever?

Or could this be?

Or could this be the one?

Or this? Oh bugger my house is going to be painful on the eyes!

Marion and I spent a while in one of the best stores ever, Paperchase. I have to share some of the cards in there.........

And finally............

Dolly Mixtures

I don't like this latest trend of dresses - it looks like something still half made on the dress makers dummy. And it's everywhere *shudder*.

Pretty watch - I don't normally like such things either as I hate being confined by the restraints of time. Interestingly I am rarely late for anything even though I don't wear a watch.

This was refreshing to see. The amount of changes being made to a photograph even after the super strong lighting, the heavy make up, the designer outfits and the carefully orchestrated angles. Heaven forbid could they be human too!

And then how can Courtney look so ladylike one moment and then train wreck the next - I am sure it is not ALL lighting.

Hmmm Tiffany's. Who doesn't want that little egg blue box being pushed into their hand one day :o)

The headband in the Chanel Breakfast at Tiffanys shoot - now that I want way more than I should.

Wrong wrong wrong but somehow now it's on here it doesn't look quite so bad. Heavy leanings on the word 'quite' people.

Loving the dresses. Loving the masks even more. Someone really needs to invite me to a masquerade ball!

SHOES!!!! ♥♥

I don't even care what is in this picture - something about the set up looks grand.

Thunderstorm jumpers at good prices - the designers behind Bat for Lashes - me likey lots.

And this should not work - it should be tacky and horrible and I am sure a lot of you think it is but something about this is calling my name.

Pretty perfume bottle for every girl everywhere.

This is the most expensive sticker in the world. It's the best part of £50 I can't even see how it's a sticker right now but I think it looks nice - there is something quite cool about it!

Yuk. £150 on a pile of shiny vomit ring - I think it's really tacky and nasty and in picture at least it looks really cheap.

Hairbands everywhere. I've been rocking this look for a while now I am glad the rest of the world caught up haha now it won't just be me having people asking "what is on her head!!!!"

SHOES!!! ♥
These ones are pretty special too.

Hoorah hoorah at last people are waking up real women wear real clothes and want to see what they look like on real women not garden rakes. I told you the Dove campaign has been the most effective yet and now finally could the catwalk be realising that not everyone should be the size of a 8 year old as an adult!

Even the photo uploader couldn't deal with these tin foil nappy impersonating shorts....even sideways they don't look flattering.

And oh how kind - trousers pre done to look like you've had them on for about a year and gone a bit baggy or had a whoopseedaisy in them. Nice. *frown*.

I don't entirely know what I think about the thigh high sky high boots yet but lilac is winning me over!

So many shoes to love and these just have to be added to the list.

This was just an advert but it's the prettiest picture I have seen in a while. I'd want the effect of the butterflies flying away as I wore the dress though and I really have no clue how that would be achieved - I'd also want to have big sunglasses on.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Short and sweet...ish

I returned to work yesterday and heard that a girl I work with had been attacked. As she was stepping out of the lift of her block of flats, a man approached her with two dogs blocking her in, from all accounts quite a verbal followed, then out of nowhere the guys girlfriend ran up and punched her in the head repeatedly until she was on the ground and then started putting the boot in, the man who initiated the attack pulled his girlfriend off. How absolutely terrible on so many levels, and in your own home. It's sickening and really makes you feel deflated about the world we live in.

On the bus on the way home last night, due to all the people on board and the cold outside the bus steamed up. A man got up and walked to the front windows and started writing on the steamy windows with his finger. This is what he wrote "Smile People. Coz' Life Ain't That Bad'.

There was something really beautiful about that.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Artist? Musician? Performer?

Would you feel cheated if you went to a concert to see a band or musician and then they mimed throughout the show? I would. To me that is not a musician, that is a performer.

Take Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole, two of the latest culprits of this. Britney mimed during her tour - so that to me makes her a performer not a musician. She also mimed on X Factor, as did Cheryl, but wait, Cheryl managed to sing a WHOLE verse by herself, well lets please applaud the lady I mean after all she is meant to be a singer. To think it was even an issue to be able to 'sing' a whole song. Especially when she is on a show telling totally nobodies what to do and how to do it and then as the 'professional' she mimes but expects them to sing? That smells of something and it sure ain't pretty. Britney was a 'special guest' on the show to show the kids how it's done and proceeded to mime. Rip off anyone? Would you not feel cheated?

It's like authors who say they have written a book lets take Katie Price for an example, how many books has she 'written'? Recently she admitted what we all knew, that she hadn't even written one word, that she basically tells someone the basis for the story - something along the lines of boy meets girl, they fight a bit, get a bit steamy, have a shag and blah blah you know that real rocket science thinking so ok it's throw away literature but surely she should at least be writing it? How can her name go on the book? With a straight face she will tell you she is an author, the urge to say that maybe the straight face is to do with all the botox but um well I obviously won't resist saying it will I ☺☺ but seriously, it's no wonder that children today think they will earn £30,000 and above in their first job. It's no wonder people see being famous as an actual job.

But back to the beginning, surely the whole thing about going to a gig is to get the live vibe, to hear the artist sing, to hear the roar energy that is present when it's live. If it's just to see a splodge on stage dancing pretending to sing into the mic' then surely it would be better to save your money and watch the show on tv?

I know, I probably have too much time on my hands to ponder such things but..........

Sunday, 8 November 2009

It's time to look at the glossy's

I think this birdcage umbrella might actually beat the wonders of my pink glittery fairy and unicorn one. £28 Lulu Guiness.

Yellow and Black is one to be careful about as you don't want to end up looking like a bee. This is by Tibi for £570 and definitely gets it right.

Polka dot anything is good in my book especially these polka dot cardis from Benetton for £40

Stella McCartney has designed a range for Gap and some of it is very wearable and won't get your child beaten up in the playground.

And all of this is high street from Next. Just goes to show you don't need to raid a bank to look good.

Rainbow dress, as I have called it - £835 from Jonathan Saunders - perfect uplift to a LBD

Top and skirt £350 each from Erdem - love it. It does resemble something about paint splattered overalls but somehow it works.

Christopher Kane - I am fast becoming a huge fan. Dress £807.30 and Jacket £796.50 yeah I don't get the odd 50 and 30 pence either.

But honestly what is this? Not only does it resemble bad netting but in that pink that suits next to no one. £2,430 by Vionnet.

I have never been over convinced by the cape due to the whole Sherlock Holmes thing but this one is lovely - £120 by Wallis.

And Accessorize. Just because. I go into this store and say 'I'll have one of those please' whilst I point and spin round in a circle.

Anna Friel has been getting some bad press of late - her Audrey Hepburn role in Breakfast at Tiffany's received such write ups as well the cat is good and then she got majorly slammed for this outfit - personally I like it. As for the Holly Go Lightly reviews, well, everyone knows the role was meant for me................

Almost sensible winter ankle boots but still managing to stay old school gym class but cool £498 Matches Fashion.

I do not get this look. If it was done at home on an old pair of jeans I still wouldn't get it - as it is they're Just Cavalli for £155.

These boots, almost to die for. Dotty P's £42 - bargain! I was going to say I'd buy two but naturally you do need two boots.

Hmm clutch bag. French Connection again (it's scaring me - did they just get a new designer or something?) £50
I know the 80's are being revisited but bodies coming back - even polka dot ones - not - if they don't fit perfectly you get the weirdest shape - believe me. And the skirt on the left - what the hell shape is that - guaranteed to ruin the most perfect of figures.

Yuk - hideous - I don't know what else to say - £55 Duke and Duchess. But please, save your money!

And then, even worse, £179 by Maaike Mekking. Pukey puke-ing I am afraid.

Kelly Osbourne can afford lots of lovely clothes. She can also afford a mirror. She can also afford a stylist. Ok I wouldn't want a stylist either to be honest but there is no excuse to not having a mirror to look in before leaving the house. Sorry, but no!

I agree that 35 years of Hello Kitty is worth celebrating. But like this? I am not so sure. Wonder if she'll let me have one of the toys though?