Monday, 12 October 2009

You looking at me!?!? Oh, I do hope so.

Black and white and shades of grey will never go out of fashion and they are quite the 'safe' colour scheme for people to go with - it's hard to get them wrong - they won't clash but they can sometimes look a little dull. This dress is the pure mix of all the good things about those safe black and white images put together into a really cute dress. Banana Republic for £125 yes please.

And then you get's beige and cream and brown - safe but oh so boring in this style - it's a lazy look - it looks like someone didn't know what to wear so picked up grannies little blankie or her table cloth and threw it on and put a belt round it to be adventurous - nope sorry, do not approve of this.

Ah Christopher Kane - we all know how much I love the other dress that I still have not found yet - but this one - gorgeous - the price tag is just a little more than the other (£50) dress of his I want....this one is £800. I am not sure if a label is worth £750?

I am loving the shape and style of this - pleats and buttons and a lines and a cute dog - every girls must have of course....both jacket and skirt are by Burberry - another hit - I am getting impressed, not a whiff of Chav in sight.

Red coats - I have already heralded them but they are 'the' thing for winter - and I am still to find me a nice replacement - but this one would do very nicely..thank you Prada.

Metal, Leather and flowers in the same sentance would never normally be so tasteful as this Marni necklace is - quite a meaty price to at £740.

I was surprised to learn that this Lanvin dress was wool. It looks smoother and sleeker than that - I like it. It needs the detail on the side to stop people doing a second take to make sure you have some clothes on.
Check out the arm detail! I don't care about the rest - the arm details is enough. Louis Vuitton - a hit with me this time ☺

I adore this, the colours are bright and lovely but in a very wintery way - it's so nice to see something like this and not just muted colours for winter. £45 from warehouse, I think this one might sneak into my wardrobe!

At first the sparkle had me smitten full stop. Then I thought they were rings and wondered if I would have enough, fingers that is, but no they are bangles - you could have a full on arm of frosting (£17.95 from What About Town?)

This, well, quite frankly I am not sure what to say, I like the fact it's so bold and adventurous - but my Mother always told me never to mix prints - and although that is not the way of fashion today, this shouldn't be either.

Tunic and leggings = nope. Tunic as a dress with black tights and lovely little ankle boots = Big Fat Yes. £130 from French Connection, I've always made it a point to hate their stuff due to their ridiculous FCUK adverts but I wave it for this tunic.

NO, no no no no - lady Gaga doesn't pull of the granny pants and neither does this model and no neither will the average Jo, don't go near! I am not going to tell you were it's from to protect you from being tempted ☺

I don't like fur. Full stop. But seeing as it is Monsoon for £150 it's quite obviously not fur but it looks like fur that has been frightened........or that got wet, not sure if wet spikey moggy is the look to go for.

Whilst on the subject of dragged through the hedge backwards................

Anna Friel is playing Holly Golightly on stage in the west end and it's based on the book not the movie, even so, I obviously missed the call offering me the part first. Her reviews have been less than favorable, with comments saying 'but the cat is good'. (see I am still linking the cat thing in) Oh dear. But she scores some credibility back the lovely outfits she has been wearing when leaving the theatre.

But what have we here - bag lady crossed with school dinner server outfit? Confused! Marni scored a bum note in my eyes.

Well the headline says it all really - there is not one I wouldn't wear and wear quite happily.

I told you that someone was trying to bring back the cycling shorts - please don't let them - boycott them every which way you can.

Grannies stocking anyone? Fendi granny stocking but..........

Jumpsuit is a nice affordable £45 from River Island but I think you have to be really careful with the jumpsuits that have a nod to the 80's - they also have a nod to the filled nappy thing as well. The top is pretty but I have a similar grey one that cost me £15 and this one is £70 from Oli - I'll stick to my cheap and cheerful one thank you.

Jigsaw do Chanel - £279 - lovely.

And Michelin do boots - oh silly me it's Camilla Skovgaard but seriously - they look like tyre tracks on the bottom and we all know that rubber souls stick to the dancefloor!

I nicknamed this the quality street dress but affectionately - Fenwicks Pink Label by Gina Bacconi £140

If only I could wear heels and see how great would they look with the little black and white dress. I could happily have these in every colour of the rainbow - but my back would never thank me and neither would the bank manager.

This is the coat of my dreams - I went by Miss Sixty at the weekend but no coat ah the injustice. You are right, I don't need another coat, but I 'need' it, ok.

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