Wednesday, 7 October 2009

"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist"

This is such a true statement. I try so hard to walk around life being open and honest and therefore I take people at their's becoming apparent that I could be making a mistake with doing that.

I remember years ago a friend told me I gave too much of myself. I didn't really understand what she meant until recently. I probably do give too much of myself and then I am shocked when some people abuse that.

You know, when your words get twisted, taken out of context and plain things you never said get your name attached. This is what I expect to maybe happen when I am 3 and in Kindergarten. I am stumped when it happens in my adult life. I've come across such things for the first time, and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to 'play' it as that's not me. It's hard to sit and watch things be said about you and have your name sullied in a way that just isn't even remotely anything to do with who you are and what you are about.

Those words can sting - they can cause damage that cuts so deep it's hard to know if it can be repaired. And why? Why do such things get done? Is it jealousy? Is it boredom? I really don't know the answers, all I do know is that it's dangerous...........dangerously unfair and wrong.

I found a great poem about bad friends - it made me laugh - I didn't write it and I hope the author won't mind me sharing it with you, but I know at least one of my blog readers will feel some empathy with this poem.

Chaotic day, only getting worse.
Never-ending,Reputation ruining,Mischievous words.
Harmful thoughts,Immeasurable torture,Happiness stolen.
Thee unanswered questions,No explanations,Only deceit left by former friends.
Misguided trust,Lack of honesty,Their sincerity is gone.
And a message to the two-faced "friend"That brought tears to my eyes, all I ask is why?
Why do you have to lie about stupid stuff like this?
Why did you over exaggerate, you deceitful jerk.
When you tell the damn story, make sure it is true!
But I am here to stay.
There is nothing you can say or do.
I will keep my "name", my "status," my "reputation"
Regardless of what people may think.
I am done with all the arguing,
I am finished with my battle.
Its over, I am through,forget friends,forget this,Screw you!

I hope that these things will blow over in the meantime I guess you just have to believe in yourself. I know I am a good person and sticks and stones and all that................cherish the good times and the good people.

And believe in the famous saying......................


  1. I agree with this. I was in the past someone regularly gave too much, I would tell personal stories to almost strangers and then regret almost immediately when it became clear they weren't who I thought they were. It can be frustrating, but I believe it's something that one can learn not to do. When people twist what you say, it's so hard to ever uncurl the truth from the lies. It's like telling 30 children something and then saying wait, no. They will always remember the thing you said accidentally and never the thing you meant to say.

    This too shall pass. Almost as good as "Keep calm and Carry on", another of my favourites. x

  2. Spot on! I like to try to rise above but sometimes it's hard - people ay!!! ☺