Saturday, 24 October 2009

When you don't need it but you NEED it.....

I've seen many a dress with this frilly lovely detail but certainly never a cardigan before - how it would wash up is anyones guess but brand new it looks purdy.

Claire's Accessories has to be one of the most hideously laid out shops - always too small and the shelves way too cramped, I look in and never enter, it kindof scares me but looking at their new pom pom range, well, things could be about to change.

I love this entire outfit - good old Moschino - although the sum of the outfit comes to almost £1200 it is beautiful!

And this....I love the imagery and I so want a bike like that....and the legs to be able to cycle round the hills where I live.

Yes you are right it is something a kin to a quality street box exploding onto a dress but picture it with those lovely purple boots and yep - one great outfit.

Silver boots are something that make me think of spacemen - then these came I wish I could wear heels still.

Moschino again - I think I love them right now - £900

So velvet dresses are back in again, I own one accidentally and still can't get past the dodgy goth feel it conjures up when someone says velvet or even worse crushed velvet but you have to admit this dress is not just a pretty material it has such a lovely shape to it.

Boots buckles and lots of them - love it - and I even managed to find myself a similar pair with no heel woo hoo.

And along with the velvet the 80's are making a comeback. This is an image I never ever want to have to see - it's way too masculine - scary, clown like and just imagine how long it takes to get all that slap off at the end of the day. Less is more sometimes.

The Fantastic Mr Fox. OK maybe not meant to be in a fashion post but if you check out the outfits they have on and think about the fact the Sherlock Holmes movie will be out soon - I predict a return to the dapper young gentleman look to hit the catwalks again.

Jimmy Choo is about to get a lot more accessible for the mere mortals among us - I have to say though I am a little disappointed, I don't think it's much to write home about - unlike the shoes we have gotten to know and love and dream over I don't think there were any in this range that I would want even at the slightly more realistic prices.

It is good to see Rhianna back out and about and feeling confident but this look is quite frankly hideous. I saw a girl at the bus stop in a similar coat with a very short black dress underneath with no tights - it looked plain ridiculous on the street. It doesn't look that great in photograph either.

I adore this silk print cardigan - it makes me think I am looking at the universe, by Jasmine di Milo for £2, mom recently informed me their first house cost them £3,800 and I know that was a long time ago but suddenly it seems a bit insane that a silk jacket costs over half the price of their first house!

I quite simply adore these shoes AND they are M&S for £25 - I think I might forgo my avoidance of heels and snap up a pair.


  1. i love boots with buckles!
    how do you feel about the style at Urban Outfitters? i love their stuff, but unfortunatly i can't afford anything more expensive haha
    i like your taste :)

  2. Thank you ☺☺ Yeah some of Urban Outfitters clothes are really lovely - I love some of the print work on the tees and dresses but I do find a lot of it is a little too over priced for what it is sometimes - I like to use them for ideas sometimes more than actually buy from them.