Thursday, 1 October 2009

Upside down, inside out, round about and back again......

So yesterday I signed the consent forms for my 'third time lucky' operation. My head is swimming with thoughts about this but for once I have found a surgeon that explained things to me so well that I have no more questions to ask right now and feel like I am really in the best only question was 'Why couldn't I have been referred here from the start?' but at least I am now!!!

My friend Marion text me to ask how I was feeling after being told I would need another operation and I responded saying I feel great. She was a little confused and asked me how come......I pointed out I had just bought an umbrella with unicorns, fairies and glitter all over it! I have my priorities sorted.........

I was told today that it's been officially confirmed that too many sweets leads to immediate thought was yeah hell right - take too many sweets off me and I won't be happy.....but in reality they are saying if you eat sweets every day as a child you are much more likely to turn into an aggressive adult. I can't help but think that someone could do something truly awful and their defence will be sorry sir it was just one too many jelly babies as a child.

(Ok this is not seasonally correct but I thinks it's brilliant)

Origami also seems to be a bit of a new trend right now. As in people making some of the most amazing origami creatures from one sheet of paper - that I have ever seen. I spent a few seconds thinking so how did they do that? But quickly gave up on it filing it under impossible.

I've also noticed it in fashion. Lots of layering and folds in clothes that are looking like origami. I thought it would be good to give people the outfit to fold and style as their own. Then I realised that I have had a skirt/dress like that for some time now - it's been stitched in such a way that you make a top, a skirt or a dress out of it. They showed me in the store and I was like 'oh genius...I'll have two!' Common sense took over enough to only purchase one in the end, but why!? Why is it that something that looks so simple in the store turns out to be so tricky at home? I've tried so hard to make it look right but I looked like a weird child that rolled around in a bed sheet randomly tied a knot in it and called it my own.

(Grace Jones)

I have watched two new films recently - one was called Milk - you might have heard of it as it won a lot of rave reviews and just maybe an award or two but sorry it left me quite cold - I really didn't get into it. Sean Penn played the part very well, but I just found the film trying to be too sensationalist and going ooo look men kissing rather than going in depth enough into the victimisation that was going on at that time.

I also watch a film called 'Happy Go Lucky' dubbed a laugh out loud feel good movie - perfect- just what the doctor ordered after the day I had but I never laughed once. I think I may've smiled weakly once or twice. It's a girl going around London with shit happening to her trying to be little miss positive - it's not about me before you ask but honestly the character came across as annoying. I wanted to like it but I think it's going to be making it's way to a charity store near me very soon!


  1. Its great that u were explained well and got ur doubts sorted out.,...maybe this didnt happen sooner because for some reason the time wasnt right. Itl all go smoothly im sure:D oh and cool umbrella!very trendy

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  3. Thank you so much and you are right - if things had been sorted easily before I would not have learnt half the lessons that I have - thank you for reminding me of that, you have a good way of looking at things! ☺☺