Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Turn to the left, Turn to the right, F F F Fashion

Mohawk shoes for the true punk in you. By Bruno Frisoni for £568. I like them - they are quite gimmicky and you would have to be VERY careful what you put with them but I do think they would look lovely in a nicely laid out closet with lots of other fantastical foot accessories.

And good old Heide Klum, the woman that is forever pregnant. She looks odd in this photo though - I love her dress and I think she's brave but the bump is too high, the legs too skinny for such a heavily pregnant lady. I know this picture caused a bit of an outcry as people felt that she shouldn't be 'flaunting' such a pregnant body - I think it's fine there is hardly anything on show in the flesh sense but something just looks wrong with the baby bump position.

Hmmm yummy I want this dress pretty badly - it's by Odd Molly and I think they are going to become a firm fantasy favorite - this little number is £260 which compared to most things in fashion pages these days, is a steal!

But then - from the so beautiful to the so ugly - I don't get it - it looks hideous - it's not flattering and costs a lot of money - D&G you sicked up some ugly animal prints here.

I love this though. D&G again and this time they remembered something called style - the whole outfit is over £2,000 though.

I love this shade of purple - I am not so sure about the body stocking/wet suit over the head look but the suit - yum yum. By Alberta ferretti - £945 for the jacket and £370 for the skirt.

Prada. They rarely get it wrong. They have got it right again, but £4,752, really?

Now something about the shape of this skirt says it shouldn't work but I think you will agree that it does and very nicely too and it will work your wallet too at a nice £1,705 for the jacket and £590 for the skirt - thanks Dior - I'll take 5!!

And see, I told you the Origami look was in. I think you have to be careful with your body shape with this one but it's pretty. By Peter Pilotto.

Pixie is making quite a name for herself on the old fashion circuit and the hanger onto bands circuit and the drunk coming out of clubs honest I wasn't drinking circuit and it's gotten to the point that I am just thinking why? Just because your parents are famous, does it really mean that you should be shoved onto the catwalk? There are a million pretty girls out there with much better model credentials. Does every tom, dick and harry in the world of fame have to have a daughter that is put onto the catwalk? I don't think I'll be needing one this season thanks.

And here we have DJ Leigh Lezark. I think she has great hair and a great style. This dress is by Marios Schwab and apparently jumps out at you if you put 3D glasses on.

Victoria Beckham has finally found something she is good at and given up on the 'singing'. Her designs are not bad and I am actually quite looking forward to seeing the next selection but I have to say - even her dresses are starting to hang off her - little word, alterations or maybe just eat something!

And the lovely Anna Wintour - even with the sunnies on you can tell this lady is pissed. She apparently hissed that it was a fashion show and not a 6th form assembly. Gotta love her.

Luella 2010 and already seen on Alexa Chung - good choice!

And finally - the pretty tasteful clown top. I love this. £35 from Max C. Finally, I really could get 5.


  1. Nice rundown of the shows. I like what D&G are doing with the suits, but share the wetsuit-fear. I will find a pair of those mohawk shoes, on the black market, steal them from someones feet, I want them.


  2. They are amazing aren't they - it probably wouldn't be too hard to make your own - heeled shoes - a fan of some sort :o) Your feet will be the envy of everyone!!!!