Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Staying in is the new going out.....

Yes, this is what I have decided. Winter is drawing in and the nights are getting cold and dark. Transport smells and beer/wine is getting expensive. I am not saying I want to be a recluse and not have anyone around - I am just way more than happy for people to come to my house. Once upon a time I think I would've rather died than said that. It was all about going out, being seen/scene and making new best friends - that by the morning you barely remembered their name.

Now, well it's not just about money. But let's be fair...a bottle of wine can be bought for £4 the same as a glass of it in the pub. A 6 pack of beer can be bought for £5, whereas a pint in the pub will cost you £3, on average. Also add to the fact if you go out, at least in London, a taxi home is going to cost you the best part of £20 or the tube ride £4 and you have to put up with the rest of the world falling asleep on your shoulder or throwing up way too close to your new shoes.

The amount of times I have been on my way home and seen groups of lads going insane at each, I never can work out if they are friends or just balls of testosterone. These days you hear of kids shooting each other. You see roads taped up so no one can pass. Or couples rowing the night away because he said, she said........And there was me thinking you went out to forget your problems.

In my own four walls (or friends, I am not that selfish to always expect the world to come to me), I can control who is around me and who can hear my conversation. I don't have to put up with someone trying to grab my behind every time I go to the bar. I don't have to put up with the dribbling mess trying to chat me up, or some girl taking offence to their boyfriends wondering eye.

I can focus fully on the intended people, save money, not have to worry about the long journey home, of if I go to a friends, that is at least the only worry I have. More and more I am seeing images of young girls barely able to stand, quite often shoeless, dirty, cut, just plain out of it....to sum it up, not safe!!!! I even know of a party that is online that you can watch and send messages into from your computer at home - that totally blew me away - I could not believe that anyone would be interested, surely it would just make you feel more lonely? But the increasing popularity of such sites seems to prove me wrong.

I still like to go out now and then but for now, I think I would rather move into a culture of being at mine, or going to yours....bring a bottle and I better brush up on my cooking skills!!

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