Thursday, 22 October 2009

A slice of Grrr with a serving of Goddammit on top.

Last night I was quietly waiting for the bus and I was looking at every cyclist that went past to see if it was D, I laughed to myself as I realised I didn't even know if he took that route home, I looked up and there he was cycling past - odd, anyway he stopped to say hello. Then my bus pulled up so we told each other to take care and said we'd meet at home.
All the way home I was looking to see if I could see him cycling along, then I had this horrible thought, could you imagine going past on the bus and seeing your loved one in a crash!?!

It gave me a shiver and I stopped looking.

When I got off the bus I called D to see if he had beaten me home.

His response was to ask if I had not seen him. Which I hadn't. He told me he'd been in a crash.

It freaked me out.

He was pulling out around a bus that had stopped and the bus had started moving again (which it incidentally shouldn't have done until D had gone round) and this car tried to razz past, saw an oncoming car, swerved to miss the car and slammed into D. Now um thankfully, yes there is a little irony there, but thankfully he saw what was happening, realised he had been totally pinned in between a car and a bus, realised one or the other was going to get him so opted for the car. His bike went under the car, he came off landing on his knees.

The bus driver wanted to call an ambulance but he assured everyone he was ok, but really he was in shock. The driver of the car was quite freaked out and I know she didn't mean to do it's probably a good job I wasn't there, as I would have pointed out her stupidity and D's lucky escape (ish), but I would have also highlighted that he then had to hobble home (where was her offer of a lift?) he would have to pay out for a new bike (where was her offer to cover the cost?) he would now have to also pay to get into work on public transport until he could get a new bike.

It shook us both up. Thankfully D is ok, just a bit sore.

Just the other day a girl at work called in to say her boyfriend had been knocked off his bike, his bike had been dragged under the car, the car reversed back over the bike to get it unstuck and drove off. Disgusting. Thankfully her boyfriend was also ok.

Every morning (almost) I cross a road that when the green man is flashing and the amber light is flashing at the crossing it means pedestrian right of way, but nearly every day someone ignores that and almost runs me over.

This also loosely ties in with my post the other day about people being in a rush to get nowhere, and only thinking they exist in this world.

So two things, be aware of your highway code and motorists think, don't want some one's death on your conscience.

And to the lady in the car last night - just be glad I didn't see, and be more aware in future.



  1. oh dear!


    hope he feels better soon!

    my mom was in a car accident in the summer. she still has back pains even though it's been almost three months. accidents on the road SUCK.

  2. Thank you!
    I am sorry to hear about your mom - that really sucks!I hope see too feels better soon.