Monday, 19 October 2009

Oneday I'll fly away.....

So, Falcon Heene. Who doesn't know the name by now?!

I first read the story in the papers last week and thought eek poor little boy, man his parents must feel terrible. Then I heard how there was footage of the balloon flying away being shown on tv. Now that was a bit sick as people were (I bet) just looking to see if they could see a little figure plummet out of the balloon. Humans are being fed so many shocking images that their shock factor is getting higher and higher - no longer are we shocked with brutal pictures of war, nudity is everywhere on tv, leading many to get weirder and weirder kinks and more and more things become over accessible. So I just thought oh ok this is the new thing is it trying to spot when people die? Like the 'jumpers' from September 11th. But no. The truth is quite different, but just as sinister.

We saw this UFO shaped balloon break free from someones back yard, as you do, I mean most of us have some flowers, or a swing or maybe even both in our back yard but Mr Inventor had this balloon. I thought it was very Up! meets Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.


I am quite disgusted. The little boy was actually hiding in his home, his parents had set the whole thing up to get their 15 seconds of fame, and somehow thought it would lead to a reality tv show, I have no clue how but it's almost not the point.

Parents exploiting their children is wrong but not new. But we are talking about the child stars of this world not actually pretending that your child dies in a horrific accident - what morals does that teach the child?

Madness. And I thought I had to have a rant and let that one out.

Parents are meant to love and nurture - to guide and teach good things to their children....I think this is a giant categorical FAIL!


  1. oh god, i agree. i actually watched the dad talk to the news ppl on tv holding the little boy (after he was found "hiding") and i was so happy and glad he was unharmed, and then i find out it was a BIG LIE. = = gah.

  2. It's madness isn't it - I felt so bad for them, then you find out what really happened....unbelieveable - in a bad way!