Friday, 30 October 2009

Once upon a me.......

...I went to the cinema to see a film called 9, it was good, but something was missing. Something stopped me caring that much about the characters. Visually it was of course stunning and I really want a cuddly toy version of 9, but............something wasn't right about this film. It was short, at only just over one hour, I am not sure if making it longer would've helped to understand the plot more as I just think there was one big flaw......this inventor realises humans days are up and he has made a machine to be used for good which he knows will be used for bad, so he puts his soul quite literally into it. But he breaks it up into parts, which gives the characters in this - 9 different parts.
There is a device that has to be kept away from the machine - because once in the machine it attacks these characters and steals their soul so they can have the inventors soul back as one and do evil. Now why didn't he just kill himself? Well that one is obvious, he wanted his soul to live on and he wanted his creations to live on, so um why did he make the device? If he has just kept the machine and the creatures alive then job done surely? So as you can see, something is missing, and that something could be called a feasible plot BUT it's not all bad it really is a beautiful looking film.

I went home and made a collage inspired by the Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Vogue shoot. (I will update with a photo when I can).

Ps my Tim Burton inspired day did not end there though - oh not - I also got to meet Helena yesterday - I don't normally talk about work but this one is worth it - and yes, she was lovely.


  1. Hi, I looove your posts, and the pictures! How was your weekend? I'm now following you, follow me too :)


  2. Thank you so much ☺☺ I am just going to have a look see at your blog. My weekend was good thank you - it revolved around not moving watching, chatting, drinking wine and watching useless tv ☺