Friday, 16 October 2009

Mmm cheesy mash

Seriously - is there anything better? I have forgone a work leaving do to come home and look after a sick D and am cooking up a storm in the kitchen (best joke ever my cooking skills stretch to a mean cheese on toast), but cheesy mashed potato is like my chocolate!

So, whilst I am waiting for that to cook I thought I would post some lovely sunset/sun rise pictures from my lounge you do.

And what might you think has this to do with anything - well, that other post about always being in a rush and in a hurry to get somewhere realllly important - miss the glimpses of beauty all around.

Front of the house was bathed in a stormy hue.

Back of the house was.........blinding!


  1. ouch my eyes!

    haha, lovely photos.

    ps. added you to my bloglist! :3

  2. Beautiful pictures! There's nothing more gorgeous (other than my wife and baby girl) than sunsets.

    My chocolate is umm... err... uhhh... CHOCOLATE! ;-)


  3. Thank you Mimi ☺☺

    And Dayne - now that was a beautiful thing to say about your wife and child - yay to you! ☺