Monday, 26 October 2009

Is that me you can hear moaning, why, yes it is.

Celebrities donate money to charity.

We know it's for the tax break.

Madonna is setting up a school and she is going to match every public donation penny for penny then the small print - up to the value of £61,000 ok now that's like me donating about 30pence or maybe even less. That suddenly doesn't sound all that impressive.

Elton John hosts parties for charity but then you hear about how much they cost to host. I know just giving that money to charity wouldn't be as much fun BUT......dying and starving children in this world isn't that much fun either.

I remember hearing said celebrity talking about the quite ridiculous amount of money he spent on flowers each week because it made him feel good. My older brother said that he should throw said amount of money into the street and see how it makes someones day and let that be how he makes himself feel good.

I really appreciate the good work that celebrities do in using their voice and setting up foundations I just found that the 'all hail madonna for doing good for a country that she wanted something from but she's put a limit on her generosity even though she will make more than what she is donating in about an hour.' a bit much to stomach whilst I was eating my dinner.

Maybe I have missed the point, maybe a lot more goes on behind the scenes than I will ever know. I do however want to be positive and say check out the Richie Madden Foundation set up by Nicole Richie and Joel Madden I don't feel this is just a tax break in the slightest. If you know of any other great charity set ups let me know. Rant over.


  1. they all piss me off too. $1,000 tips for a cup of tea, sports players getting millions to toss a ball around while the schools they grew up dont have supplies, They buy a 3rd car they'll never drive cus its pretty when that amount could get computers for every student.
    Wierd thing is, we dont have the money to do such things. Would we , if we hit the lottery, buy a $10million home, or give it to help the future?
    it sucks being me, mentally screwed , poor an unemployed. But at least, if i could, i like think that I would give it away. Well most :)

  2. That's pretty honest and true. There's someone in London that bought a house for £100 million the most expensive house sale here and guess what he is yet to spend a night there. That's just greed. I am not jealous - I am horrified that one can have SO much when so many others are wanting.
    They always say the poor are the most generous - and yes I know, some would argue that, that is why they are poor.
    My dad said if he won the lottery he would give so much back to the community he lives in - it really touched my heart as he pointed out he doesn't need millions as he wouldn't be living a life that was his if he did.
    I sometimes think about how you see some children from under developed countries yet they still seem to be laughing and smiling then you see some of the richer people and they would seem to have an expression that would shatter if they smiled.
    Go figure!