Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I put a ban on myself reading the darn things and then yesterday what do I go and do – but read one and it says that I am being neglected by a loved one and then puts a spin of doom on it. So I panic and quickly check D’s horror-scope and it says that he is neglecting a loved one – argh – ruin!

It’s ridiculous – horror-scopes are written so loosely and vaguely that if you are in the right (or should that be wrong) frame of mind then you can make it apply to any area of your life that you wish, or are feeling concerned about.

If they are good you cheer inside and forget all about it, but if they are bad – you worry and you stress and feel a moment of panic. And don’t go pretending it’s just me that does this.

As a child one of my favourite comics had a story in it about a girl that lived her life by her horror-scopes. Everything she did, every decision she was to make, she had to consult her horror-scopes first. One day she was so busy reading her horror-scopes that she stepped out into a road and was knocked over by a bus. Her horror-scope had told her to watch when she was crossing a road.

So let that be a warning to you.

Horror-scopes are evil. Ignore them. Believe your life will be filled with lovely things – regardless of what some mystic moaner tells you – I mean Russell Grant? He’s about as mystical as a cats bottom burp.


  1. Hey Alison! ... they are so evil, them horrorscopes, and always promise more than they deliver. I once had a fortune-teller tell me to watch for someone wearing a carnation, and when I finally FOUND them? Nothin! Ha! Thanks for leaving feedback on my jack-o-lantern drawing -- nice!

  2. My pleasure - it was really good ☺
    Oh it's so true - my friend got all into the fortune teller thing and was told she'd meet the love of her life and what letter his name would begin with and she started dismissing people that didnt' have their name start with that letter....until I pointed out the ridiculousness of the whole thing!

  3. i like ur post.. ^^
    sometime i believe with my horoscope if it good one.. but usually i hate my horoscope because it tells me bad thing X| >> horror-scope,, haha..
    btw, would u be my friend?? =)

  4. Thank you Aztee. Just believe nice things will happen and ignore all horror-scopes ☺☺ Just checking out your blog now!

  5. yippi.. i believe horror-scope won't disturb our life if we always think positively.. C=
    thx 4 checking my blog.. but i'm not sure u can understand my posts.. hehe..

  6. Haha yes you are right I could only understand the odd word here and there - but I like the layout of your page - and how did you get music playing?

  7. hmm.. im sorry 4 my post.. =P
    thx 4 it,, i got the music in
    let u search ur fav music =)