Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Has the bird finally flown the nest?

I am of course talking about Twitter.

It became something of a sensation overnight I feel but are it's days numbered?

In the last couple of days we've seen Frances Bean Cobain, Lilly Allen, Miley Cyrus and Courtney Love all disappear from the site. Now I am not saying that these four people are responsible for making Twitter popular or are the only reason anyone is going to log in - there are plenty of reasons why the four people above could have actually put people off using their accounts but let me ponder for a moment.

I didn't get or understand the concept of 140 characters. I feel censored enough why would I then make a point of censoring myself even more to make things I had to say fit into 140 characters. I wondered what the general point was. I don't know that many people that use twitter - but it is quick and easy - you can upload pictures and share with your friends - you can lock your account so you can choose who can see it but then you think why not just stick to your email and cc in anyone that you desire.

Then I got it. Through this site I can find out things about bands I like and people of some form of fame that I might respect or not, but either way you can feel that small connection to them. Find out news, hear gossip, get an insight into them that hasn't been offered anywhere else, see their personal photos. I never quite understood why someone famous would want to do that, then you realise that for all the cries of wanting the paps to leave them alone - without them they wouldn't really be very famous. Remember back in the day that actors and actresses were deemed the lowest of the low and got a pitiful wage for what they did. Well that all changed, and musicians and actors became the faces of so many magazines and advertising campaigns that it is a wonder that there are any official models left.

Courtney Love turned Twitter into a personal log book for all the money issues she was having, at first I thought she was crazy then I got to see the method in her madness. Then she got paranoid and got a friend/business acquaintance (the lines are so blurred in the world of fame) to block people that were of threat. I got blocked. Hmmm I have been a fan for many years - I was into the whole Riot Grrl thing and to get blocked for nothing really pissed me off. I have long since realised that Courtney is in fact quite unhinged, but entertaining nether the less and I will never take away from her that she is intelligent. But way to go in alienating the very people that she should be drawing closer to her. But we learn through her daughter on Twitter that she is not a very good judge of character. You reckon!?!?! Through Twitter we learned that Peaches Geoldof stole from her, shocker, she couldn't see what a waste of space that girl is? Or a young Courtney in the making, you decide.

I had a fascination with Frances Bean Cobain. A very private child. A pretty balanced child, especially considering. Kurt was one of my pin ups before he died. Of course I wanted to know about his offspring, but alas, she got too vocal about Ali Lohan (who can blame her) and she too bid farewell to the wonderful world of Twitter.

Miley Cyrus bowed out as she wanted more privacy. Well honey - you opened the account and you decided what to put on it.

I am guessing that there is a reason why famous people have a team of PR behind them - to stop their naturalness shining through?

I heard somewhere that the age you become famous is the age you will stay in maturity stakes as from that day on you will be surrounded by gophers and yes men. I am starting to see that as being true.

I am sure no one wants to have people scaling their garden walls to get illegal photos but well if you type something and put it out there - don't moan if it comes back to bite you on the ass.

So could this be farewell to the celebs on Twitter, oh well.


  1. The Twitter phenomenon must be the nightmare of every celeb PR. All that time spent trying to create an image for them, questions from journalists restricted to a few topics during interviews - then bam! Instant communication between celeb and the worldwideweb. Especially when they're drunk.

    It's the only thing that makes Twitter worthwhile - seeing the carefully crafted 'personas' fall apart when they are not being stage managed.

    And all in just 140 characters.

  2. Haha I know it's amazing how many people have come unravelled by that 140 characters, it just goes to show.........maybe being non-famous is better after all ☺☺