Monday, 26 October 2009

Get the popcorn, it's movie time.

This week me and D had another film fest, I am really getting to like them.
First up we watched Year One. Hilarious! Now I find Jack Black quite funny, even though I know a lot of girls that don’t, I don’t think he’s offensive just pushes some boundaries of taste. And this film was of no difference. He’s a very unpopular caveman and his tribe of people don’t think there is anything to the world other than their little corner of it. When he and his friend are banished, they discover that there is indeed a whole world out there with quite amusing effect. He ends up meeting a whole host of characters and getting tangled up in all sorts of scrapes before he ends up in Sodom and is thought to be some form of God. I can’t say much more without ruining parts of it but believe me, it was laugh out loud.

Next up we watched Paul Blart – Mall Cop. Yes totally ridiculous but that was the point. Sometimes only throwaway will do. It’s never a movie I would want to own or to watch again to be honest but it was a funny movie about the ‘loser guy who comes good’ if you have a spare 90 minutes in life you could waste it in far less productive ways.

Then we watched Sunshine Cleaning – purely because I saw it had been made by the same person who did Little Miss Sunshine which is a great film. It was dubbed a comedy but I would beg to differ. It was more a film about life – nothing more and nothing less. It wasn’t overly sad, or funny, or sentimental, it wasn’t a ‘nice’ film but was just about the reality of life, especially when you make your living as a cleaning company for people that have killed themselves.

I finally got to see Gran Torino – now I was shocked – Clint Eastwood on the front cover with a gun and a car. I thought yeah typical boy Clint Eastwood film where every man is going to go on about how he’s their hero. There was a few references and sightings of the car, there were a few guns – but nothing like I had expected. It’s about a miserable old man who realises his family have given up on him and are really waiting for him to die and he just hates everything. A lot of the film is set up in this way – and then shows him build a rapport with one of his neighbours. He is obviously suffering from his time as a soldier but generally comes across as a grumpy old man. Until he sees his new friend after she’s been beaten up and raped. Her brother is next for a beating. He sets things straight in a way that I wasn’t expecting. It’s not the faster movie but it keeps you interested and the twist at the end was not expected. Just don’t expect your typical Clint Eastwood film of old.

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