Friday, 16 October 2009

Civilised people in a civilised world...yeah right!

Last night I was on my way home from work and the first bus took a while to arrive but I had two work colleagues with me to natter to, so all good - kept us all from looking at our watches and tutting - or in my case my imaginary watch as I don't wear one - don't like the restraints of time blah blah. I get to the next bus and oh my god - we have to wait like a whole 10 minutes instead of a bus being there ready and waiting (and please note the sarcasm). I come from a town where there is one bus an hour - you plan for that bus journey like you wouldn't believe as missing it will really disrupt your in London you know that there will be a bus nearly every 5 minutes but man within days of moving down here you find yourself at the tube station, going what now? 5 minutes? You want me to wait 5minutes!!!!! It makes me chuckle to myself. But it's also annoying. People huffing down your neck as though it's going to make them arrive at their destination faster.
So many people in a hurry to normally, quite frankly, to get nowhere.
If you rush life you miss some of the most beautiful moments - those pure joy seconds, whether it be a rainbow, squirrels playing, a child's get the picture.

Anyway, there I am at the bus stop and the bus arrives - hoorah. Now there is plenty of room for us all. If not there will be another bus in minutes but oh. my. god. A rugby scrum ensues, limbs flailing, people stumbling, old ladies being pushed, women with pushchairs being rammed out of the way - normally by a young was disgusting. Respect. Manners. Common decency. All out the window. I keep a dignified distance around me and a dignified silence but my eyes are shooting people down.

I get home and the news is on TV. It might sound blase of me but I can't tell one war zone from another anymore. Images of such massive destruction. All at the hands of this civilised race.

A programme on TV later on that night about a Romanian hospital/care home. The children there have down syndrome or cerebral palsy, dumped there by their parents. The nurses so badly trained that the children are getting iller, rocking back and forth, lying in bed, alone, all day. Dying in bed, alone. Then I recalled a story of a family who had a slightly disabled child, people would try to stone them in the street for fear it was catching or they were the spawn of Satan.

Civilised world. Civilised people.


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