Monday, 5 October 2009

...and down came the rain.

It’s a cold dark rainy Monday in London – but I have my new umbrella and I really do feel that all eyes were on me as I jumped about in the rain smiling like a fool with my plastic bow hair band in…..may as well go for the whole immature adult look.

It’s horrible how the slightest bit of rain makes the traffic build up to mammoth proportions….this is England – we should be used to rain. I was then informed it’s been 5 whole weeks since we had rain. Well it sure doesn’t feel like it. If it’s not super hot scorchio sunshine then to me it may as well be rain!

It’s a slow day so I was checking out the news…trying to avoid the stories about all the child sex crime… blood is still set to boiling from the Jaycee Lee documentary. What a mess up that was – and the pain that family must’ve gone through……anyway, I saw a story about an alligator that was sent to a jail in Australia for 3 days to cool down. I kid you not. The alligator, or would that be Croc, was causing a nuisance and was sent down. My dog did that once. She ran away from home one day, totally out of character for her, she skipped out into the back garden as normal and I turned my back for two seconds – and no dog. She was a large greyhound – I knew she wasn’t hiding behind a tree. She must’ve jumped the fence – oh heck. Friends and family gathered and we searched and searched and called out her name but nothing. Contacted the dog catchers but they were shut. No dog had been handed in at any rescue centres. I was stumped – I didn’t know what else to do other than walk around calling her name. Mid morning the following day I had a call from someone. He had my dog. She had jumped the garden fence and in her lazy ways had only gone just down the road – hopped into someone elses garden, decided she’d remember she was a greyhound (normally she liked to think she was tiny puppy and would try her best to fit on your lap) and she killed a pet rabbit (eek this screamed ‘put her down’ in my head – I was scared). But the man on the phone said he had greyhounds so he understood. He took her in and fed her and let her just sleep off her adventure with his other dogs. Later in the day he took her to the police station, as no rescue centres were open, and they put her in a cell. My dog runs away from home and gets locked up – could there be any other way ☺ The man then kindly went back to the police station to see if anyone had claimed her….he didn’t want her going to a home or being put down. By then my details had been passed to the police so the man said he’d take her home and feed her until I could collect her. She came home happy as larry with a lovely dose of fleas….not sure if that was from the kind man or the police cell.

Also in the news is a story of the Winchester Alien – now honestly – this just looks like me and some of my friends back in the day going out for a shopping trip……it’s probably just some mad old bird that is now being called an Alien – good drawing though.

Then I saw that elsewhere in the country there was a hot air balloon show – now how good would it have been if they had put that on in the same town as the Winchester Alien…….everyone would think something had been put into the water ☺☺

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