Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Can't afford it, so I hate it all.

Ah Kylie - a nice take on the Grecian dress but......

how did it all go so wrong...........

I feel so mean but this is just too try hard - I chopped her head off so to speak so that she could remain anonymous

I think you have to be tall and slim to pull this dress off but there is something about the print that is very very pretty

Yuk, how many ways can one say it!

What is not to love about this - other than it is not yet in my wardrobe!

The outfit is worn by the Caramel Chocolate Bar Bunny - who would think she would become a fashion icon. I've just written an article about cartoon fashion and then I see this. Pat on the back to me haha.

Why? Why? would anyone spend money on this or go out in this - a dare?

This is clever - it might not work on the runway - but I would love it for someone to have this as a wedding dress.

Purple boots! Purple boots. But why the break neck heal - it's winter - roads are slippy people!

I like the metal stars but the shape is a bit shapeless but then you can't have it all.

She looks like she has padlocks in her ears - I have tried to find something nice to say about this look - I failed.

I shake my head again.

I like black - I think you can do wonderful things with the striking blank canvas that it creates but this - too starchy - with a cockateal feel - uh uh.

Plastic. Kitsch. Roses. Love.

I want this perfume and you are right I have no clue how it smells, I don't care, I don't wear perfumes (evil parabens) I wear oils. But the bottle....it's worth it!

I am in love with red this season!

This has bugger all to do with fashion but I feel it is a must have accessory - for one of my nephews this Christmas - my brother can see it as pay back for whenever he was mean to me as a kid!

A red polka dot tea set - does it come in adult size please!!!!

Presents for girls.....or ladies called Alison!

Bags, bags, bags - it's like accessories isn't it - you can never have enough and the other sex will never understand it.

Hmm purple coat - it's a tough competitor for the red one.

And this is how black really works.

Something about this reminds me of a Christmas cracker - I haven't yet wished to look like that!

I thought I liked the whole outfit but the bag is a bit granny and the shoes too ridiculously high for day time.

I love Accessorize - I walk in the store and say I want that holding my hand out and spinning around so I point at EVERYTHING!

George at Asda - who would've thought - just goes to show - you don't have to spend a fortune to get a nice winter woolly (even bet for those of us with a small wool allergy.)

Now these boots are not something I need but they are truly something I 'need' - I am sure you understand.


  1. Where are the boots from? I need them too!!

    sab x

  2. woo fashion :3 the victor & rolf dress was great! hehe.

  3. ☺☺ the purple boots are rather lovely aren't they but so was the price £895 by Rupert Sanderson - they have Swarovski crystals in them too! Oh to be rich!

  4. What about the other boots? The last ones?
    Sab x

  5. £245 but worth it ☺ From a company called Duo - who if I remember rightly do different calf sizes for their boots as well as shoe sizes! Genius and about time too ☺