Friday, 30 October 2009

Once upon a me.......

...I went to the cinema to see a film called 9, it was good, but something was missing. Something stopped me caring that much about the characters. Visually it was of course stunning and I really want a cuddly toy version of 9, but............something wasn't right about this film. It was short, at only just over one hour, I am not sure if making it longer would've helped to understand the plot more as I just think there was one big flaw......this inventor realises humans days are up and he has made a machine to be used for good which he knows will be used for bad, so he puts his soul quite literally into it. But he breaks it up into parts, which gives the characters in this - 9 different parts.
There is a device that has to be kept away from the machine - because once in the machine it attacks these characters and steals their soul so they can have the inventors soul back as one and do evil. Now why didn't he just kill himself? Well that one is obvious, he wanted his soul to live on and he wanted his creations to live on, so um why did he make the device? If he has just kept the machine and the creatures alive then job done surely? So as you can see, something is missing, and that something could be called a feasible plot BUT it's not all bad it really is a beautiful looking film.

I went home and made a collage inspired by the Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Vogue shoot. (I will update with a photo when I can).

Ps my Tim Burton inspired day did not end there though - oh not - I also got to meet Helena yesterday - I don't normally talk about work but this one is worth it - and yes, she was lovely.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'll have one of everything please. well it's not just Betsey that loves ok - I do very much too! They started in 2008 and have stayed true to making lovely kitcsh and very affordable items.

Seriously, this necklace had better be gift wrapped in the post to me soon!

Check out the work by Jess Lelong, all hand made and again affordable. They have a store at Spitalfields market and online. visit and let your bank balance weep.

And one of my new favorite things...........

Many different varieties but in this style of print - gorgeous.

And this artist (Vincent Bousserez) has been brought to may attention thanks to the local paper - his prints sell for about £1,800 each apparently - so I don't think I will be buying any for my home but thought you might appreciate a look see anyway.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

It's like the best thing since sliced bread it is.

I love Tim Burton.

Not in the way I love D I would hasten to add, and I love Tim for his mind thank you.

How can you not!?!

He’s been in the business for what seems like forever and the only thing I can find to fault in his career is his lack of setting the record straight about his involvement in Coraline. It mislead a lot of his fans into going to see the movie – but lets be fair, it was a damn fine movie so I don’t think anyone can really grumble if they were lured there under false pretences.

He hates comic books. Or so it would appear. Which almost surprises me as some of his work would and has made some great comic book sketches, whether authorised or not. So yes, that does mean he hates Kevin Smith, I have to say I like a lot of his movies, not so keen on his attitude in life it would seem but……….

Tim started working at Disney and very quickly proved to be what I like to refer to as genius (you can argue with me on that one if you want but I might get stubborn). He worked on some classic cartoons and Disney could see his talent and allowed him to work on some of his own projects whilst he was with them. Some have seen this as an incredibly lucky break, but you could also say that without his most blatantly obvious talent he would never have been given that opportunity in the first place.

He put his former fiancĂ©, Lisa Marie in most films that he did and has gone on to do the same with Helen Bonham Carter, the mother of his two children (can you imagine the bed time stories these children get!?!?!). Tim was somewhat of a recluse as a child and he would shut himself away drawing and painting, he has been noted as saying that he had two lovely windows in his bedroom as a child but for some reason his parents bricked them in and left a small slit of a window instead. I don’t know the foundations for this story but it might explain why he developed the imagination for imagery that he does.

He has directed and produced on so many films, I have to say I love his animation work the best. The only film he’s ever done that I didn’t like was Sweeney Todd, but even in that I have to say visually it was stunning (and no that is not a cheap comment towards Johnny Depp).

Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride are three of my favourite films of all time. I am looking forward to his version of Alice in Wonderland (not just because we did some work on it at work) but 9 is one I am looking forward to more than anything.

With a back catalogue as impressive as Tim’s – how can you not be blown away.

(for full details of that check out

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So here’s the thing….

…a friend of mine is a fun, friendly lovely person. She is outgoing but not in your face. She’s honest and opinionated, but not rude.
Her Manager at work has been most suggestive with her for some time. Might I add that said Manager is also married with a baby!
I don’t know if he thinks he’s being funny? He’s not.
I don’t know if he thinks she’s just playing hard to get? She’s not.
I don’t know if he does this with all his colleagues? I don’t care, it’s not right.

My friend is scared to make a formal complaint about this in case she isn’t believed or loses her job. That’s not right. But I have heard of this before.

A lady I used to work with was sexually harassed at work until she no longer felt safe in her work place, she made a formal complaint and was just moved around the companies other offices until she was finally pushed out.

I had a security guard that used to try to get me trapped alone with him in the basement. I todl him he was out of order so many times but ended up leaving the job.

I know people that have been picked on for their sexual preferences even though it has never affected the work they do.

I know people that have been bullied in a way that you only ever expect to find in schools, just for being a little different.

I know of someone who was picked on at work and shunted out of the company purely because he was good at his job and a threat to his boss.

Now, we spend a big chunk of our time at work, another decent amount of time travelling to and from work. We need to make it as nice a place as we can whilst still being professional. Being unhappy in work can lead to it over taking your whole life, ruining your health and your relationships.

Most people bully because they are insecure or jealous. It’s hard to remember that though if you are a sensitive soul. Don’t ever let someone make you question yourself and your behaviour and your beliefs. You know if you are a good person living in a good way. Try to hold your head up high. It’s not so easy if you have to dread going into work, if you have to fight to keep from crying or walking out the door. Life shouldn’t be like this, it’s hard enough just getting through your day to day without someone placing stumbling blocks in your path.

I have a girl at work that makes me feel uncomfortable; I feel judged by her and used to take it really personally. It’s gotten to a level where I have decided not to bother with a lot of social things that go on in work. Over time I have found that there are a good handful of people that I get on well with here and feel comfortable with and that has become more important than being the most popular but also the most judged. One or two people should not ruin what is on the whole a good job with good people.

I have decided to be a popular person amongst my little crowd and sod the rest. But it’s not easy. I still have days where I feel total dread.

But no one ever has the right to make you feel that way.

It might be that making a complaint puts my friend out of a job BUT I do believe she would be better off out of such an environment. In many of the cases I have briefly touched upon the said bully has since been removed from post. Shame that the innocent has to suffer first. This life isn’t fair. And that sucks. But don’t let someone make you feel negative things. Life is too short. Believe in karma – it’s helped me through a lot.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Get the popcorn, it's movie time.

This week me and D had another film fest, I am really getting to like them.
First up we watched Year One. Hilarious! Now I find Jack Black quite funny, even though I know a lot of girls that don’t, I don’t think he’s offensive just pushes some boundaries of taste. And this film was of no difference. He’s a very unpopular caveman and his tribe of people don’t think there is anything to the world other than their little corner of it. When he and his friend are banished, they discover that there is indeed a whole world out there with quite amusing effect. He ends up meeting a whole host of characters and getting tangled up in all sorts of scrapes before he ends up in Sodom and is thought to be some form of God. I can’t say much more without ruining parts of it but believe me, it was laugh out loud.

Next up we watched Paul Blart – Mall Cop. Yes totally ridiculous but that was the point. Sometimes only throwaway will do. It’s never a movie I would want to own or to watch again to be honest but it was a funny movie about the ‘loser guy who comes good’ if you have a spare 90 minutes in life you could waste it in far less productive ways.

Then we watched Sunshine Cleaning – purely because I saw it had been made by the same person who did Little Miss Sunshine which is a great film. It was dubbed a comedy but I would beg to differ. It was more a film about life – nothing more and nothing less. It wasn’t overly sad, or funny, or sentimental, it wasn’t a ‘nice’ film but was just about the reality of life, especially when you make your living as a cleaning company for people that have killed themselves.

I finally got to see Gran Torino – now I was shocked – Clint Eastwood on the front cover with a gun and a car. I thought yeah typical boy Clint Eastwood film where every man is going to go on about how he’s their hero. There was a few references and sightings of the car, there were a few guns – but nothing like I had expected. It’s about a miserable old man who realises his family have given up on him and are really waiting for him to die and he just hates everything. A lot of the film is set up in this way – and then shows him build a rapport with one of his neighbours. He is obviously suffering from his time as a soldier but generally comes across as a grumpy old man. Until he sees his new friend after she’s been beaten up and raped. Her brother is next for a beating. He sets things straight in a way that I wasn’t expecting. It’s not the faster movie but it keeps you interested and the twist at the end was not expected. Just don’t expect your typical Clint Eastwood film of old.

Is that me you can hear moaning, why, yes it is.

Celebrities donate money to charity.

We know it's for the tax break.

Madonna is setting up a school and she is going to match every public donation penny for penny then the small print - up to the value of £61,000 ok now that's like me donating about 30pence or maybe even less. That suddenly doesn't sound all that impressive.

Elton John hosts parties for charity but then you hear about how much they cost to host. I know just giving that money to charity wouldn't be as much fun BUT......dying and starving children in this world isn't that much fun either.

I remember hearing said celebrity talking about the quite ridiculous amount of money he spent on flowers each week because it made him feel good. My older brother said that he should throw said amount of money into the street and see how it makes someones day and let that be how he makes himself feel good.

I really appreciate the good work that celebrities do in using their voice and setting up foundations I just found that the 'all hail madonna for doing good for a country that she wanted something from but she's put a limit on her generosity even though she will make more than what she is donating in about an hour.' a bit much to stomach whilst I was eating my dinner.

Maybe I have missed the point, maybe a lot more goes on behind the scenes than I will ever know. I do however want to be positive and say check out the Richie Madden Foundation set up by Nicole Richie and Joel Madden I don't feel this is just a tax break in the slightest. If you know of any other great charity set ups let me know. Rant over.

It's for you-hoo

Because my name is Alison I quite often appear as the first name in people’s mobile phone’s. This can lead to some very interesting voicemail messages. I seem to be the worlds unluckiest person when it comes to mobiles, I hate talking on the damn things but they never seem to work for me – the signal is always so gappy that it becomes a game to understand the conversation as you have to fill in the gaps yourself. I have a habit of mishearing things in life and hearing funny or slightly shocking things in place of what was originally said. So much so that sometimes people don’t bother to tell me what they really said as they feel what I had misheard was better.

I get so many random calls where it’s the sound of a train moving. But every now and then you get some beauties. Like people having a drunken conversation down the pub, you can hear all that they are pondering and talking about then call them the next day talking about it and they’re like OMG that’s so freaky I was just saying that the other night, and I can be all coy and ‘oh really where you?’ haha.

But telephones in general – yuk – I really don’t like them. A genius invention there is no doubt BUT I don’t want to be available to everyone all the time. I don’t mean to offend anyone by that statement but! I find it really rude to be with someone for an evening then spend a chunk of it on my phone. Long calls on mobiles hurt your ears – they get hot – it’s not nice. If I think about how I look whilst on the phone it starts to make me giggle (all arms flailing whilst holding this little thing to your ear) which I think can be quite off putting to the person talking to me. Some people put you on speaker so then all you can hear is your own voice coming back at you, eww horrid, have you heard how your voice sounds!?! I sincerely hope it doesn’t sound that way to everyone else. I spend so much time at work 'missing each other' on the telephone, hours spent trying to track someone down on the telephone, and then that lovely sentance of 'get your people to call my people and we'll sort something out'.

I would always much rather someone spend the phone call cost on coming to see me instead. Catch up properly. I used to talk for hours on the phone until my Dad got so annoyed he asked me to pay for my part of the phone bill, when that didn’t put me off he started to limit me to 20 minute calls. It had a huge effect on me, I started to talk at super sonic speed and this big pause would happen after 20 minutes – and this was when I wasn’t even on the phone.

I then got involved with a ‘charming’ man that would be really mean to me when I was on the phone – would keep interrupting and would then make out I was talking rot on the phone and really belittle me for it. Needless to say said man is very much long gone but the issue with the phone is still with me.

But it does have its uses. A friend text me at the weekend just to tell me how much she appreciated my friendship. This probably wouldn’t have been so eloquently phrased if we’d have been sat next to each other – we’d no doubt have gotten a little embarrassed, and over the phone it would’ve probably led to an awkward silence, as it was it led to a really sweet interchange of texts. Aww bless.

D’s dad didn’t like to have a phone in the house as he thought it was an intrusion. I only got a mobile about 8 years ago – but I remember that it never seemed to matter. People would just find me. Now we seem so lost without them it’s almost funny. But there goes the phone ringing again, I kind of see what D’s dad was talking about.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lazy Days and Sundays

It was a lovely autumnal morning, the birds were singing, the sun was out, there was a slight chill in the air that made you feel refreshed rather than cold. There wasn't a sign of any rain clouds.....and we needed to go food's one of the chores I hate the most, but instead of just jumping on the bus to get it over and done with, me and D decided to take a walk, and I find that once you decide to take some pictures - there is suddenly beauty all around.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

When you don't need it but you NEED it.....

I've seen many a dress with this frilly lovely detail but certainly never a cardigan before - how it would wash up is anyones guess but brand new it looks purdy.

Claire's Accessories has to be one of the most hideously laid out shops - always too small and the shelves way too cramped, I look in and never enter, it kindof scares me but looking at their new pom pom range, well, things could be about to change.

I love this entire outfit - good old Moschino - although the sum of the outfit comes to almost £1200 it is beautiful!

And this....I love the imagery and I so want a bike like that....and the legs to be able to cycle round the hills where I live.

Yes you are right it is something a kin to a quality street box exploding onto a dress but picture it with those lovely purple boots and yep - one great outfit.

Silver boots are something that make me think of spacemen - then these came I wish I could wear heels still.

Moschino again - I think I love them right now - £900

So velvet dresses are back in again, I own one accidentally and still can't get past the dodgy goth feel it conjures up when someone says velvet or even worse crushed velvet but you have to admit this dress is not just a pretty material it has such a lovely shape to it.

Boots buckles and lots of them - love it - and I even managed to find myself a similar pair with no heel woo hoo.

And along with the velvet the 80's are making a comeback. This is an image I never ever want to have to see - it's way too masculine - scary, clown like and just imagine how long it takes to get all that slap off at the end of the day. Less is more sometimes.

The Fantastic Mr Fox. OK maybe not meant to be in a fashion post but if you check out the outfits they have on and think about the fact the Sherlock Holmes movie will be out soon - I predict a return to the dapper young gentleman look to hit the catwalks again.

Jimmy Choo is about to get a lot more accessible for the mere mortals among us - I have to say though I am a little disappointed, I don't think it's much to write home about - unlike the shoes we have gotten to know and love and dream over I don't think there were any in this range that I would want even at the slightly more realistic prices.

It is good to see Rhianna back out and about and feeling confident but this look is quite frankly hideous. I saw a girl at the bus stop in a similar coat with a very short black dress underneath with no tights - it looked plain ridiculous on the street. It doesn't look that great in photograph either.

I adore this silk print cardigan - it makes me think I am looking at the universe, by Jasmine di Milo for £2, mom recently informed me their first house cost them £3,800 and I know that was a long time ago but suddenly it seems a bit insane that a silk jacket costs over half the price of their first house!

I quite simply adore these shoes AND they are M&S for £25 - I think I might forgo my avoidance of heels and snap up a pair.