Monday, 28 September 2009

The weather forecast is Cloudy, with a chance of meatballs......

Last week I finally got to see the film with the best name ever. The film that between you and me I had actually forgotten about...heaven forbid. I LOVE animated films. Pixar in particular. This has gotten me laughed at many times (sadly it is not the only thing people laugh at me for)!! A friend recently announced that she didn't get WallE that it made no sense and she couldn't get into it.......there was a comedy moment of my head snapping around so fast with jaw hitting floor screeching WHAT??????????? Before the disney store momentarily got my attention back again (I seriously have a peter pan's not that I am immature you hear), so she repeats herself and this time she gets my full attention. It was almost like swearing to my ears. Not like...not like Wa.....NOT LIKE WALLE ARE YOU INSANE!?!?! I took a deep breath and explained to her that it was a story of not respecting planet earth, of not questioning things and not valuing things and just following the masses and and (this is where I probably started to hyperventilate) but she got the point. She told me not to wait whilst she got the bus -but I did - giving her the low down on the deep meaning behind WallE the whole time (hey, what are friends for).

The point is - I went to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

I knew I was going to love it, it was no pixar and wasn't the most mind blowing of story lines but it was the geek boy come good and he fell in love with the hot chick who was really a geek girl too - awwwww and a plus to all the people that wear glasses and are fed up with the heroine only becoming attractive when she loses her glasses - well this one only became attractive when she put her glasses on...a result in itself. If that didn't win you over, how about a film about a place that rains food, anything you want, ice cream mountains, hamburger heaven, a monkey that has a fight with some Gummy Bears? Surely that in itself is enough? There is a character voiced by Mr T and naturally a town where it rains food seems like a good idea but............well I'm not going to spoil it for you am I you'll just have to go and see it.

Whilst on the subject of deep intellectual films (queue whistling and the rolling of eyes and innocent shuffling of feet)....Sunday was spent in my favorite way - going out for a late breakfast (most call it lunch) and then hiring a bunch of films from the video store. Last nights choice was Encounters at the End of The World, directed by Werner Herzog which you may know from the film the Grizzly Man (a loner who had gone off to live with bears and was eventually eaten by one), anyway we figured there could be a chance it wouldn't be the happiest of films but that the scenery would at least be amazing. It was worth watching just for the recording of seal song....why on earth have I never been told about this before? It was like some weird dance track being played under the sea - quite haunting but lovely with some little beats thrown in. It blew me away (I might not be rushing out to by a cassette of Seal song but you get the picture).

The film focuses on some individuals that have chosen to make Antarctica their home from home in a research station. They go diving beneath the ice only having their own sense of direction to rely on to get themselves back to safety and to not get trapped under the ice. In the depths of Antarctica there is a volcano that spews out little lava explosions. I find that quite surreal. Shackleton's old hut still stands there in it's original state - looking like a dated convenience store with some shredded woolen tights also out on display. There is a lost penguin running around on a mission that will lead to his death but there is nothing that a human could do for him - it felt a bit white rabbit from Alice in wonderland to me. There was even a very feasible explanation given that we are not meant to be on this land but fled the sea and that just like the dinosaurs who became extinct, that humans are next....mother nature will ultimately win sounds doomy but it's not. It sounds a bit sensationalist, but it's not. The interview with Werner at the end makes the man sound a lot more interesting than the doom merchant many have perceived him to be - he just has a slightly different way of thinking to the average film maker. Mother nature will ultimately win......I think I would tend to agree.


  1. Lol i must admit ive always loved pixar...the last one of the genre i saw was wall wich i thought was awesome...Ive yet to see this one though

  2. My son's school too a trip to see the first movie you spoke of...Glad I saw your clip, cause all he could tell me was that it was very funny, and there were meatballs...LOL. I gotta go see it now. I've got a Peter Pan complex thing too....Just like the other day my friends and I were talking about Nemo...Who DOESN'T love Dorry...Just keep swimming...Just keep, I'm a new follower of yours, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for commenting.....and following ☺ It really is worth going to see - I can honestly say you won't be bored.
    I think that with films aimed more at children they know they have to make it reall interesting to keep their two second attention span and they know many parents will get taken along so put in some humour for them too....I just go and forget to take a child with me ☺