Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Up, Up and Away.....

Jet Pack last night were awesome.....yes, it is my little (haha he's way over 6 foot) brothers band so yes I am going to be the dutiful sister and say they are the best thing since sliced bread BUT they really are good.....last night was truely great. They are not a band from London - so the 'normal' fan following couldn't be there. London on a Tuesday night can be quite quiet anyway - you know you go out and blast away the start of the week - Tuesday is recovery day before it all starts again. Well there was a good turn out for Jet Pack full stop but especially as they were not on home turf, they even managed to win over quite a few of the crowd with many people shouting and cheering (positive things) at them. Half way through Dennis (the singer) had problems with his guitar not working properly, and smoothly put his guitar down, got Paul (my brother) to play a slightly different guitar part and just concentrated on the singing. I had some friends present that had never seen Jet Pack before and all were I think prepared to be polite to me but ended up absolutely loving it....and the naked man on the front cover of their CD ☺ They blasted through their set all looking very at ease with being on stage - the band has only been together a couple of years with a very recent change in line up......the promotors of the event said they hoped to see them again soon - so you know - you heard it here first ☺☺ Somewhere there is a video of this that I will post but for now you can put up with........

Jet Pack - Islington Academy, London (

I think it's always the sign of a good gig when you wake up in the morning still not able to hear correctly. I have been amusing myself at work all day having no clue if I am whispering to people or shouting my mouth off. I hardly slept a wink either - so here was me thinking I felt ill on Monday - raging temperature all night - dreams of Florence from Florence and The Machine having a heart attack, with me moving house from my lovely flat with a bedroom in the turret to a pokey room with two sofa beds and one double bed that would be shared with other people - ewww how horrid - no wonder I woke up in a cold sweat!!

I wish today could've been a duvet day - I would have loved nothing more - but alas - work was calling and I have dinner tonight with Jo and Claire and a big exchange of birthday presents is due to take place......couldn't miss it........just hope I will survive.....cough splutter......moan.

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