Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tonights gonna be a good night..........let's live it up

Ah ha so my copy of Marie Antoinette finally arrived....there's been many a failed attempt at this one. A lot of the dresses are from where I work, so there's a small part of me that feels this loyalty to such films - but look - seriously how can a girl not like a film that looks like this!!!!

I still haven't had time to watch it though as last night I was consumed by a devastating programme about the events of 9/11, over the years you kind of feel like you have seen all the footage many times over, but a series of programmes has been done about the final phonecalls (there was no way I could watch that one) and last nights, which was 2 hours of other peoples footage - absolutely harrowing. And yes, it made me cry. I just cannot begin to imagine what people must've thought when they whitnessed such things.....or to be in the midst of such things. I hope that no one ever has to know how that feels again.

Sunday night I watched a film called The Wristcutters: A Love Story. I think I might end up liking this film....on a first watch I just wasn't sure - there was something there, but just like with the science of sleep - it never quite got 'there'. Visually there was something. Morally there was something. For now that magic ingredient that makes me go OMGAMAZING wasn't there. It's about a boy who has reached the end of the line and he kills himself (I'll leave you to guess how!) and he ends up in a world that is almost the same as the one he's just left but a little bit worse. He thinks about killing himself again but doesn't want to end up in somewhere even greyer than where he is. Everyone there has a near normal look other than the odd scar that hints at how they topped themselves. The god squad (those that work for the leader) are dressed in white - subtle huh. There is a girl that is there by mistake because she over dosed and didn't mean to kill herself. And there's a hole, a portal, it all felt a little Being John Malcovich for a moment - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They can do everything they could in their other world, they can even make lit matches fly, but the one thing they cannot do is smile.

And the reason for my lame copy of song lyrics in the title is because tonight....my younger brother......has a gig, in London....not his home town.......watched by record industry people.........music magazines......and me and few friends (I thank you to those that are coming along as they realise the importance of 'support' and a big fat raspberry to those that aren't ☺) I feel excited and nervous for him. I've got my lovely checkboard dress on just for the occassion, although I think I have achieved a look more in line with Alice in Wonderland than the punky/pop vibe but hey...........timing as ever.....a lady at work just said wow Alice in Wonderland - so now I will pretend that was in deed the look I was going for.


  1. always wanted to see that film , wonder how it ends?

  2. I LOVE I GOTTA FEELING!!! I hope your brothers gig goes well :)

  3. It makes me just jump up and want to dance ☺☺ My brothers gig was really good thank you - I know I am bound to say that but the person cheering the loudest wasn't me - it wasn't even anyone the band knew so I like to think that speaks for itself ☺☺