Friday, 4 September 2009

tomorrow, tomorrow....i love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away....

Men and women with large thighs have a lower risk of premature death and heart disease, a study has shown.
Bigger thighs are better for health.
People whose thighs measure at least 23.6in (60cm) in circumference were less likely to develop heart disease or die early, a 12-year study of almost 3,000 men and women in Denmark found.

(for the record I am not a big girl - but have always been anti diets and hate the obsession with girls wanting bodies like young teen boys so herald anything that hints at JUST BE HAPPY!)

Another amazing point of the day to make me super smiley was within minutes of walking through the door I was handed a Friday present (this isn’t a ritual but I think it should become one) S at work gave me a packet of walnut whips….one of the coolest retro looking sweets ever…….there’s a nut on top and nuts are good for you therefore so is said chocolate treat!!

The next great thing about today is that tomorrow I get to travel for 6 hours (ok that bit sucks ass big time) BUT I get to see my best friend Marion……her new house and her new ‘hood! We have a shopping trip and hot chocolate gossips planned already!

(Marion doesn't really look like Morticia but she will kill me when she sees this in here..hey, that's what friends are for!!!)

I also did a trade with my friend Ana, I got Gone with the wind and the last unicorn and she gets a lovely edition of The girl with the glass feet. Honestly this is such a smiley day already I think my face is going to be aching by the end of it….my friends nana survived her brain surgery……see, super smileys ☺☺☺ and hark, I see the sun!!!

But (CRASH) that was me dragging you all back down to this here ground. I hear that there is a very strong rumour (so very nearly the truth) that DJAM committed suicide. He is speculated to have had 8 part digested pills in his tummy and one still in his mouth. That makes me sad. It makes it all so much more of a waste. He had apparently set up mirrors against the doors of his apartment, so, as people forced their way in, the mirrors fell and broke. There is something beautiful but also really messed up about that image.

Travis & Adams girlfriend

‘Suicide is painless’ – never have three words lied so much. I have such a strong feeling that if you could read the thoughts of a suicide victim from when their heart was just about to give – I bet there would be some regret in most cases. This is my pure speculation but I think most people just can’t get all that pain and hurt out and feel unimportant and just forget all the love out there for them. They stop thinking they matter. If only they could fast forward to the devastation left in the aftermath and then rewind backwards to just before they do the deed – I bet many wouldn’t! Again that is my speculation and is maybe me living in Ali’s world but honestly it is a pretty nice place.

Life is a gift….sometimes it might feel like an unwanted Christmas present but ultimately it is a gift.


  1. When I heard about DJ AM's death I was suprised seen I only know about him from the plane crash that happened which involved that guy from blink 182. I'am shocked to see him from surviving a plane crash and then kill himself , you think surviving a plane crash would of left him wanting to live life. :(

  2. Yeah I thought that too you know he battled a weight problem and overcame it then severe drug addiction and overcame it then the plane crash and you just think wow someone really wants this dude to live, but there is a thing called Survivors Guilt and it appears he was really struggling with that as well as whatever other demons he had. It seems to have really hit a lot of people, wonder if he knew how much he was loved. It's sad when people feel that helpless and lost. The true sad thing is that he's not the first and he won't be the last.