Friday, 4 September 2009

sweets for my sweet

It was my birthday last month (something that I don't tend to advertise) I went to the seaside with D and it was glorious (I will post some pictures eventually). Anyway, finally I decide I really need to get cakes (it's a tradition that when it's your birthday you buy cakes for everyone else to eat - sorry but that is surely the wrong way round!?!!) Anyway, said cake (well 3 actually) were bought and put out in the kitchen for the masses to pounce on. I just found this picture and it was too good an image not to post...the likeness is uncanny☻☺

And for some reason during the last storm my toilet seat must've gotten scared and lept in the air and come unhinged, now I wouldn't normally post such things but this surely HAS to be my replacement seat?


  1. Thank you for your words on my site (coachyourmind)... very much appreciated.

    LMAO at the picture of cake and "knife-girl!" Kinda scary, though.

    Your birthday in Aug? Which day? Mine was on the 17th.

    I'll definitely keep reading.

  2. Happy birthday , well mines next month on the second. I know what you mean buying cake while its meant to be for you but other people end up devouring the whole thing.. :)

  3. Thank you! My birthday was the 1st so a good way to start the month - happy belated birthday for the 17th!