Tuesday, 15 September 2009

So slow it's moving backwards

So there is a small splattering of rain in London and my lovely internet can't handle it. I had a phone call recently from my internet provider and it went something like this:

'So, Alison, are you happy with the service?'
Short pause.
Longer pause.
'Oh, sorry I was waiting for the punchline'
'I take it from that there is a problem?'
'Problem? It's diabolical ramble rant ramble mumble modern technology my ass blah blah rant grrr'
'So would you be interested in taking out a new service with us?'
Click...dial tone.

And here I am - a day to upload a 20 minute video and it only does half - this could make me old before my time.

I have been off ill - it's going to get like this more and more - how nice - I will write about it at some point - but I hear my bed calling and I have a few things to post first.

Number 1 - Patrick Swayze..or Patrick Swizzle Hips as I used to call him, has died - that is sad - so respect to his family. I don't know one single mother who didn't have a little crush on him. I feel like I am the only girl that was a bit 'meh' about Dirty Dancing but there you go.

I watched Marie Antoinette at last (there are some perks to being ill) and it was lovely to look at - the story was good but almost incidental to me I am afraid - all those dresses, shoes, hair accessories and cakes - it is how I picture heaven should be ☺

I also watched a film/documentary called Religulous. This was controversial but Bill Maher was laugh out loud funny - repeatedly. (That is quite something for me as I have been known to state something is funny rather than actually laugh I make a little noise and say ha yeah that's funny.) Religion is something that I am not so sure how I feel about....I mean I have seen it do good but I have seen it used as an excuse for so much bad - but I haven't seen much 'proof'. The documentary is dubbed as being the funniest and most offensive ever made.

Last night I accidentally stumbled across a documentary about a girl that lived in the dark. I had just had my heart broken on The Dog Whisperer (I am not allowed to keep a dog where I live so I have to get my fix somewhere) anyhow this weird looking cat of a dog broke my heart, she made me fall in love with her and then she went and died - so I wanted to be cheered up.....I watched the wrong thing. This little girl had a rare genetic disfunction that made her 2,000 times more likely than the average Jo to get skin cancer. Wan Lao Yang:

She had huge tumors on her face - oozing blood and goo - she must've been in so much pain. Her family were covering the tumors with herbs to stop infection but could afford to do nothing more. The cancer was spreading rapidly and in a matter of days a tumor under her eye had grown so large it had taken away the site in that eye. Then there was the smell. So offensive she was pulled out of school. No little girl wants to feel that ugly - heck no body full stop wants to feel that ugly. A kind soul of a doctor from the UK flew out to see her and eventually got her the surgery that she needed. The result was that she had the tumors removed but was left with no nose, she lost one of her eyes and was given a skin graft that did not take, so she was left with a hole in her face. The most amazing thing was she could still smile not physically I mean of course she could do that but just the fact that she could still smile and still find things to laugh about simply blew me away and made me feel quite stupid for the silly little things I get myself wound up about.

She returned to her village and went back to school with high hopes of going to University - she was shown pictures of people that had prosthetic face parts and she looked in heaven - she knew this could be for her - she said herself that since the operation she felt more comfortable but it was still so ugly. It's pathetic but all I wanted to do was to go out and buy that little girl as many beautiful dresses and dolls as I could - just shower her with beautiful things. Then the news came that surgeons had found that her cancer had spread and they felt she would be lucky to live another 10 years. That broke my heart more than I thought possible. She might just get to go to university - might! All the money in the world - all the waste - all the greed - and that one little girl could've been spared so much of this if her family had just had a little bit more money - it makes me angry - I know that there are many more people out there with similar and worse stories - that doesn't make me happier - that makes me want to cry a river.

I didn't know when the documentary was made.......but I woke up this morning thinking well I can't save the girl and I can't fly her to the UK for more surgery but maybe I could write her a letter - get a few people to send some lovely parcels to her.

Then I found out she died a year after the documentary was made. Things were not meant to end like that - not in my head - not in my world. That made me sadder than you can imagine - if you ever get the chance to watch the documentary please do - it'll overwhelm you but it does put so much into perspective.

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