Wednesday, 2 September 2009

So! Is that it?

Summertime - has it been and gone? Outside today it's a damp, cold, dreary, grey London Town. The only splash of colour seems to be my lovely burnt orange dress (I thought I was being quite something by picking out such a bold colour - open the pages of a magazine and what is this autumns trend - burnt orange - man I just can't help myself....always one step ahead haha ok maybe I am just totally clueless but sometimes seem to get it spot on by accident). I spent hours (yes minutes) getting ready for work and I swear my hair in this weather is just like those magic towels you get, you know, just add water and they will expand to about 50 times their size....that's what rain does to my hair you know. Anyway - Summer please come back - for all those times I moaned it was too hot, I'm sorry!!!!!!!!

I watched a programme last night that was about war and natural disasters (such as Katrina in New Orleans), it was really hard to tell the difference - everywhere was devastation, dead bodies, people crying, small children wondering around with horror in their eyes. Yelps from animals trapped under rubble. Things like that break my heart. I have been known to cry at the news. Civilised society? Where? What? It's the best joke ever sometimes, but one you'll never laugh at. I don't quite get the punchline. War confuses me. Lots of people, lots of gunfire, lots of deaths and what for?

Kevin Carter took this photograph, he even won an award for it, but the horror that surrounded this led him to commit suicide, another casualty of war!?

Normally I find there will be one little man behind it, greedy, wanting more land, wanting 'his' boundaries stretched further and further, do they want world domination? Do they really do it in the name of their god, do they really think it's a sacrifice of a holy order? I am sure god's land was meant to be all of ours. If this all sounds a bit too heavy, well, it is and I make no apologies for that. I heard about areas where Tsunamis have hit and the land (people's homes) are reclaimed and rebuilt as expensive business plots or holiday lets or all seems so very wrong. Sad thing is I think the secret to happiness is simple (yes the meercat advert just ran through my head), that if we all took our little patch of life, and we nurtured it, treated people well, looked after that little patch as best we could we could all be reasonably happy, the planet would still be a nice place for our children, our grandchildren, for animals......I don't know, it's a simplistic vision, but I think happiness is quite simple, we just over complicated it somewhere along the lines.

And so, onto a lighter note...................I didn't go to the meeting last night - I didn't chicken out - I was just told it was in a totally different place to where it actually was....ok, maybe, just maybe I didn't read the email properly - thankfully I worked this out just before leaving so I didn't end up wondering around a pub asking everyone if they were there to meet Alison - now that would've been embarassing. It's had a positive result though, myself and a girl called Zoe are going to set up our own little review group. Well, that's the plan, we've seen how they can go awry.

Aw, see what I was saying about happiness being quite simple, my love for all things that sparkle is pretty well known, a lady at work has just given me the most amazing purple glitter pencil.....I am happy, see, simples! Have a good day people. ☺☺


  1. This is a really good post. I was thinking along the same lines...I think people are just becoming less caring in general and it appears more greedy and oh yeah, the world domination part.

  2. Thank you for your kind words - it's sad but true - you're right!