Friday, 25 September 2009

Short but most definitely not sweet.......

I was going to write a post about more fashion pieces last night but alas my head was turned by a channel 4 news article about the child sex trade in Kenya. Some of the villages there are just now almost accepting that the children from the village will not just be approached for sex but will actually end up being paid for sex or raped or both. A girl of 12 told her tale how her family have no money and she was on the beach and a white man offered her £10 for sex, so she went ahead. Another white man offered to pay her for sex so she agreed, he paid her £5. This is a lot of money to her family....more than a months wages. Children of 12 - 13 will regularly bribe the doormen of clubs to let them inside so that they can be fondled by holiday makers and later paid for sex. They don't always look to be 12 or 13 but one thing they have in common is the dead look in their eyes. We then got to see an Orphanage set up to help these children escape such lifestyles. Many children in the orphanage have been raped by the people in their village and been paid for sex by tourists. It has become common practice for young children to have to have sex with a villager to prepare them for what is to come (pardon the pun). The footage then went to a local clinic that often dealt with the fall out of this 'trade'. One little boy was crying and screaming obviously scared and frightened and in pain. He was 6 years old and had just been raped by a villager.

My mind reels, my skin crawls, my blood boils. I can't even put into words how I feel as so many questions trip out of my mouth.

This is a civilised world? Best joke I have heard in a long time. Remember that song by Nada Surf I spoke about the other day about you'll feel good for a few minutes but they'll be screwed up for one should have to endure such things but especially not children. One little girl was thought to have been abused from the age of 3 and the fear is that foreigners are now starting to seek out children as young as this. I think they are commonly known as pedophiles....I have my own names for them.

The authorities in Kenya are starting to take note of this tragic situation. They are starting to realise just how bad this has become but they are also worried about the effect these stories will have on their tourism industry.

I know this is not an ideal world, no matter how hard I try to pretend it is, I know that it's not. I know that some people have urges that are not appropriate, I think that giant nut crackers would maybe be a solution...................


  1. It's so terrible to hear such things occur in todays world.

  2. You are right - you like to think that those things never happened or if they did at least it was hundreds of years ago.....but........

  3. One of my friends works in an orphenage in Uganda permenantly. She is the most amazing person ever and is my best friend. 2 weeks ago two boys from her orphanage got kidknapped in their sleep, I was heartbroken for her. You should read her blog, its very inspiring, but a little religious.

  4. Thanks for sending that over - I guess when you work in such environments you either gain faith or lose it - sad though that such things have to happen. But how amazing of your friend to dedicate her time to such a cause.