Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shhh don't tell I just bought a top - it's a gorgeous stripey affair with big frilly shoulders, cute buttons and little pockets but I did buy 3 dresses on saturday - is this a problem? Is this bordering on addiction? Is it ok to justify it by saying 'well ALL purchases came to £26' yes amazing to me but an expense all the same in D's eyes - is it ok to say oh well he's a boy he wouldn't understand? Does my arguement of 'but darling I do it all for you - so I look good for you, I get NO pleasure at all from buying these things' wash at all? I quit smoking 9 months ago just think of all the money that has saved me. I tried to make things ok in my head by having an intellectual conversation with my boss about the wonders of history and the discoveries way back when, but I fear I came across as some loon saying 'well they were more intelligent back then because they could read the stars man'.

You know what - someone just told me I looked good - so now the fickle old me feels fully justified - yay to inexpensive bargainus clothing ♥ ♥


  1. Well, if all purchases came to only 26 pounds, then i say it justifies it! i mean, you bought 4 things for only 26 pounds. Amazing!

    Love the top too! Colourful and stripey and adorable.

  2. I have the top on today and feel mighty proud of myself - seeing as the top alone was meant to be £32 originally (I said they'd never get that for it, it' s nice to be right sometimes - thank goodness it rained yesterday and I just popped into the shop to shelter)
    I love a bargain!!

  3. I'm trying to stop smoking, but it's hard. I'm sure I would have a lot of fucking money left over if I did. I love your blog and I'm kinda new at the whole blogging thing but I really like it/