Thursday, 3 September 2009

She's not a woman...she's a force of Nature

Today I am a zombie – it’s official. All thanks to Mother Nature. I had the magic towel hair effect yesterday that was made much worse by forgetting to renew my travel card and having to walk up to the next tube from work, rain, wind and only a cat litter tray for protection, (don’t ask) I thought about putting it over my head but even I didn’t think I could pull off such a look. The wind made my hair cotton candy like. I came home like a drowned rat, kind of swept into my house in swirl of wind and leaves and bad hair. I was meant to be over at a friends with her new baby but Mother Nature had other plans….so I settled down to watch some really, really lame tv (I won’t confess to what as it really was that lame) but oh no my sanity was saved as the tv cut out. So off I went to my laptop but argh the internet was on the setting of ‘I’ll think about opening the page, I’ll think about it some more – I’ll tease you and….nope not playing.’ What to do, what to do – all my electrical facilities fail me…….that was quite an eye opener – just how much do I rely on electricity!?

D came back from band practice and we were both shattered so thought we’d sleep well. Wrong. I awoke at 430am to the sounds of the wind almost lifting up the roof and slamming it back down – it sounded like an old ladies knee joints ricocheting around the town……(for the record the roof wasn’t lifting up but I sleep in the turret of the house right up in the attic so it sounds that way)…….when I did finally get to sleep for all 10 minutes of it I had the weirdest horribilist dreams and wish I hadn’t bothered. I remember how exciting storms were as a kid – you’d hope for a power cut so you could get the candles out and you might even have to play board games or bored games as I used to find them as you could guarantee if my older brother was losing, before the game was over the board would be on the floor with a stroppy young man walking away stating he didn’t do it. The whole town would get cut off if there was too much rain and we had to make do with the food in the house – it all seemed exciting back then, now it just seems like a right royal pain…although I do still like sitting in candle light.

I got blown into work this morning and here I am – shivering and tired. But someone (thank you A) just delivered a lovely white chocolate cookie to my desk……..this work lark has its rewards you know.


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  2. I was hooked after the 2nd sentence! Seriously!

    I love your writing style... very easy to read, as if you're pulling me in with you-- not easy to do.

    I'll be following. When you have a sec., check my out... tell me what you think. -Dayne

  3. Aw you guys - thank you so much - that's really sweet of both of you - I will be checking out both your sites as soon as I am done here :o)