Sunday, 27 September 2009

The September Issue

Finally....I got my copy of The September Issue and time to watch it (all be it at 830am on a Sunday morning, so much for the well needed lie in)....I was also meant to watch this with my friend Fe with a bottle of wine and all that but I think I can happily watch this again!!

You can feel the buzz and the energy that goes into the operation of putting out an issue of a magazine. OK it's not just any magazine, it's Vogue - the bible for many's not just a copy of Vogue either though it's the September Issue......THE issue of the year really. There was a lot of glamour, some lovely clothes, some not so lovely clothes, models, make up, accessories and travelling. Beautiful cities, beautiful people? Well, you can tell that a lot of thought and work and effort goes into this and one helluva lot of money and blood, sweat and tears. You get quite a good reward at the end of it though - in the form of the finished edition.....seeing that hit the shelves of magazine shops must be quite something.....but.........and you knew there would be one.

But....I was impressed and quite surprised at how shy and almost timid at times Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington appear. Anna is definitely the one that has the reputation of being a battle axe. I would beg to differ. I feel she is a woman with a lot of demands on her time so she has gotten used to cutting out the frills and sticking to the facts, with very few pleasantries. I am sure it has made many an intern cry but I think it's a manner you get used to but probably never like. But Anna knows her stuff and no one could dispute that. She mentions her father and the driven person he was and you realise she probably hasn't been around the gushy or normal hug kiss love you kind of vibe. She has a daughter. She's pretty. Doesn't appear to be like Anna much at all. Anna is going away and makes kissy noises to her daughter and is gone. Maybe she is so used to what I call the air kiss lifestyle - maybe she isn't aware of not switching off or maybe she is incredibly private and can't do those things on camera. Anna at times seemed at a loss of how to communicate with people when it wasn't talking about a specific shoot or deadline, it was quite interesting to see as you just assume that she would be this mega confident lady that has schmoozing down to a tee, but she appears to be a lady of few words when outside of her remit....if that is the right word.

Grace on the other hand seems almost humble at times, a little bit on the giggly side which was actually quite refreshing and lovely to see. Again this is a lady that really knows her stuff and comes across as much more of a people person - she seems to care about the models eating and how they are. But at the same time I get the impression she thinks it's all a bit ridiculous. There is no doubt that she loves fashion and photography and clothes but I think she finds celebrity and 'model perfect' to be ridiculous. You can't criticise her for that because quite frankly it is. I feel like the size of a house compared to the people on that show, sure I am under no illusion that I have put on weight since I got ill BUT honestly - nearly everyone (bar the cameraman, bless him) is stick thin. But they all have this slightly aged look to them for it - or when they are young I feel they look like their head is going to fall off and their back arches in a way that I am sure nature did not intend.

There is no doubt there's a lot of fun when working in the world of fashion and I think the 'crazy' of the shoots would be quite infectious for a while BUT I think I quite like having the freedom of being the reader and just writing when I choose - I can get as involved in that issue as I want or just use it flick through now and then. I think I wouldn't be strong enough to have my work criticised in the search of getting the perfect piece for the magazine, I think I would take it too personally. I cannot stand people talking behind someones back and I cannot stand the bullshit schmoozing conversation.....if I like you, you'll know about it, if I don't you will also know - I like to know where I stand and I am not sure working on a such a high profile magazine lets you know that. Grace seemed simply blown away by some of Anna's choices and you think all those years of working together and all those years of honing her craft yet still she doesn't know how things are going to go - that can be really exciting but I imagine also incredibly tiring.

Anna mentions someone retiring because they realised they were getting too angry. She said that she gets quite angry and maybe she'll know when to quit when she becomes too angry. I personally would give it up before that point. And I guess that is why I am Little Miss Alison writing a humble blog and she is Anna Wintour deemed one of the most powerful women in America.


  1. I'm soooooo excited to watch this its unreal!!!

  2. You definitely should - it's only an hour and a half but you seem to take in so much and see so much - which I guess is another indicator of how fast moving that industry is!!! It was really good!